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angelic-ray-sword-sessionThere are a total of 777 Angelic Flames/Rays that come from the various Archangels and their twin flames (Archeiai). With every flame and ray I am anointed with, they are being imbued into the sword that has been imbued into my spine. Being that I am a JEDI for the Galactic Federation of Light and am at a 14D frequency with over 9,000+ activated DNA strands. I am able to hold all of these flames and rays that I have been anointed with, giving me the ability and authorization to perform many different types of sessions through a combination of flames and rays that are imbued during each session.

Currently anointed with:

Indigo Flames/Rays, Black Flames/Rays, Pink Flames/Rays, Lilac Flames/Rays, Violet Flames/Rays, Emerald Flames/Rays, Ruby Flames/Rays, White Flames/Rays, Orange Flames/Rays, Citrine Flames/Rays, Crystalline Flames/Rays, Aquamarine Flames/Rays, Blue Flames/Rays, Golden Flames/Rays, Diamond Flames/Rays, Copper Flames/Rays, Silver Flames/Rays, Lapis Flames/Rays and all 22 of the Fluorescent Rays: Divine Fire Ruby Ray, Champagne Lemurian Ray, Christed Diamond Light Ray, Galactic Liquid Cobalt Blue Ray, Celestial Elegant Sapphire Ray, Celestial Aqua Lemurian Ray, Mint Pale Green Ray, Royal Celestial Divine Intuition Purple Ray, Liquid Golden Light Ray, Divine Fire Coral Gold Ray, Galactic Emerald Green Gaia Ray, Luminescent Pleiadian Green Ray, Celestial Opal Pink Shekina Ray, Oracle Clear White Ray, Venus(ian) Pink Ray, Lilac Ice Diamond Light Code Activator Ray, Solaris Yellow Liquid Golden Light Ray, White Clear Diamond Liquid Light Ray, Clear Rainbow Fairy Realm Ray, Shaman Stone Ray, Black Platinum Ray, Pleiadian Olivine Peridot Ray.

Descriptions of all flames/rays will be coming soon.


Angelic Ray Sword Session: Energy Retrieval
Flames/Rays Used: All

This session is based on the retrieval of all forms of energy the client has either given out from or has had taken from at soul level, quantum level, physical level, from all forms and types of people that are living, non-living, etherical, alien, abusers, thieves, family, severing all forms of cords and attachments, all forms of negative energies, negative entities, bad or neutral ETs, negative or neutral ghosts, poltergeists, demons, energetic portals, all forms of cords and attachments, contracts, soul contracts, vows, oaths, bindings, knots, hooks, blocks, barriers, obstacles, locks, etheric Locks, thought forms, enemies, vampires, energy vampires, relationship problems, twin flame relationship problems, psychic attacks, attacks, curses, hexes, spells, black magic, voodoo magic, doll energies, mind control devices, dangers, global disasters, disasters and all other negative forms of energy, across all timelines, all dimensions and all galaxies.

Session Length: 45 minutes
Requirements: Lay down on back with eyes closed. (optional)
Total cost: $77


*** NOTE: Additional items can be added to each session but there will be an additional charge for additional items as it increases the amount of time to perform the session. I am also required to scrye for additional said items to ensure they are compatible and are able to be performed during the session. So this also requires additional time and preparation on my part for Custom Angelic Ray Sword Sessions. ***


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I had been feeling off balance, drained & exhausted along with fatigue, muscle cramps & not sleeping well.
I was also experiencing a constant deep piercing pressure in my throat which was really on my nerves.
I tried different healling techniques on my throat to release the pain/pressure but nothing helped.

I contacted Jaye about my symptoms.
Jaye immediately identified the very source of WHAT, WHY & WHO’m was the cause of all that I was experiencing!!!

Jaye explained I had curses, hexes, voodoo energies & other distortions attached to me as well as negative & unhealthy cords.
And the pressure in my throat was energetic & it was a negatively influenced energy!

I had a powerful session, during which I had visions of what was getting cleared from me.
Immediately after the session I felt my energy had been restored, I was so energized & feeling free that it was hard to sleep!
The session feels like a shower you take if you were drenched from head to toe in dirt, mud & sweat!!! Fully cleansed, energy restored, head cleared, literally taking the reigns of your life back in your hand, not being influenced by any unwanted energy/entity!

It is a truly powerful life changing healing session.
So far I’ve had a few family members & my partner do the session also.
I’m making it a part of my lifestyle, to have it done regularly.

Thank you & infinite blessings Jaye.

Kleo November 14, 2018

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