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Ever wonder why it is easy for certain people to be able to manifest things in their life and you struggle to experience this amazing phenomena?

It’s no secret, trying to manifest things can be a very difficult process.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration:

– Clearing hundreds of distortions one may have in their fields such as jehovian annunaki seals, unnatural seals and implants, as well as, other types of etheric devices.
– Clearing vows, oaths, ritual-based spiritual and psychic attacks.
– What level of DNA activation you possess.
– How high your physical frequency is.
– Having a positive mindset.
– A knowing of forthcoming solutions.

Many Struggle With Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

One of the many ways we suffer from not being able to manifest is due to our own ability to self-sabotage our lives in many ways.

Most people do not realize that they are their own personal prohibitor for manifestation.

Henry Ford said it best:

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right either way.”

This is ABSOLUTELY true.

So many people say things like:

– I can’t afford this.
– I can’t do this.
– I will never be successful.
– I won’t ever achieve anything.
– I will never make money.
– I can’t manifest anything.
– I’m not capable of doing this.

There are obviously many other examples, but if you think about it… How many times have you said something along these lines?

What you are in effect doing, is actually putting your thoughts into motion. Our thoughts create things — our minds are very powerful.

If you say you can’t do something, your brain will make up every excuse for the reasons why you can’t do what it is that you are saying you can’t do.

Try it for yourself. If you say long enough that you can’t dance, you will eventually have zero rhythm within your body and your body will reflect exactly what you are saying.

Many people create self-sabotaging situations where they become trapped within their own thoughts and feelings and this eventually becomes their actual reality.

They have no concept or have any belief that they are the reason why they are not able to manifest said desires.

In fact, they may get very defensive and aggressive at the thought that they are the creator of all of their problems. No one wants to admit that their situation is due to their mindset.

Others Can Influence Your Ability To Manifest

Not only can one self-sabotage their ability to manifest, but so can other people.

Others can impact ones ability to manifest their desires through objectification.

Think about the various ways you’ve wanted to do things.

You planned it out and decided on what you were going to do, were very excited about the process and what you are capable of and then made the mistake of telling someone close to you about what you are doing…

In one minute, you were ready to pull the trigger on what it was you were going to do, and then the next thing you know, your friend, or family member immediately shoots you down from your desire which begins to create doubt within yourself.

They immediately begin telling you that what you want is not possible. You will never be able to do this, you should just do this instead, etc etc.

They try to shift you off of your path and stop you from being able to do something specific.

What happens to your level of belief and positivity that you had when you were going to put forth this plan?

It’s gone. Now, you are questioning all of your choices and decisions.

You start to question your plan and how to execute it.

You now also have this level of belief that it’s not going to work, or that it may not even be possible.

You may even be worrying that you are just going to be wasting your time, so why bother trying?

Sound familiar? I’m sure it’s even worse than that! Some situations can be much worse than just those examples.

This is a level of programming that is being done on purpose to slow you down on your path.

What Is Really Happening

Not only are you met with resistance from various distortions in your fields and may possess very low levels of DNA activation, but you are also experiencing strong levels of attacks from other people, beings and other environmental effects that are amplifying your ability to NOT be able to manifest your desires.

… Top all of this off with the laws of attraction and you have a recipe for a POWERFUL disaster.

Like attracts like. We attract what we think and FEEL. We are always attracting what we want in our lives every millisecond of the day, what we want in our tomorrow whether it is good or bad. And sometimes, manifesting can come even faster than that!

What we attract is based on our own personal thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions and our re-actions…

… AND, if we have all of these distortions in our fields that are causing us to experience resistance and other things, how will we ever truly manifest our desires?

We won’t be able to…

But the gurus won’t tell you about ANY of this. And in some instances, they may not even fully know all of what we are dealing with because for one reason or another, they are not in the same situation as others who are met with extreme levels of resistance.

The secret is, they have no resistance. So it is easy for them to be in the flow state.

However, this doesn’t stop them from trying to siphon money out of you, either.

Many are simply unethical. They know what they are offering you doesn’t work, or is not complete enough to be able to actually put what you learn into motion.

Do you REALLY think they are going to give away these absolutely priceless secrets?

Let alone for a total cost of $97 when they tell you that the actual cost is $1,997. If they can devalue their product that much, what does that tell you?

They want you to always buy into the same rehashed garbage products because they know you will buy their useless stuff, simply because you resonate with everything they say.

It was designed this way from the beginning…

And you believe, based on how they’ve presented their information, that they are giving you the full picture on how to manifest YOUR desires.

In reality, you are essentially being subjectively scammed and you have absolutely no clue that it’s even happening.

Yes, you heard me correctly. They are using YOUR OWN PERSONAL FEELINGS against you to influence you in a way that gets you and billions of other people to buy their garbage products. That generally doesn’t come with one single cost either.

They begin with a low-end product and after you’ve taken the bait, they pull you in with some very enticing data and information that is designed to hit all of your hot buttons and this literally brings you to the point of no return to where you say “I NEED THIS TOO!”.

Does it stop there? More than likely they’ve added you to their email list. Especially if you’ve opted into their program to get more information and now they are sending you all kinds of offers to other programs that are similar to your problem…

This eventually leads you down a path that is based on even more rehashed garbage products that have been around for a long time and because you are focused on manifesting your desires, they know that you will buy into it because you’ve already taken action on their products.

Unfortunately, you are falling right into their trap. They know they have you right where they want you because you want to be financially free. Or, just free of all of the burdens and situations that you’ve experienced in your life.

However, this doesn’t actually touch on what is REALLY going on.

Manifesting Requires Specific Things

Manifesting is not just about believing and being positive and doing certain things each day. That is only just a portion of it.

Your physical frequency plays a significant role in your ability to manifest both good and bad things based on your daily thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions and re-actions.

Yes, manifesting is actually much more ENERGETIC than physical!

**** NEWS FLASH! ****

What is really happening is, you are absolutely manifesting everyday without even realizing it. The problem is, what you are ACTUALLY manifesting are the less desirable things that are coming into your life.

The experiences you are having, influences, circumstances, events, objects, people, etc. are all manifested based on what is in your fields, and the level of your physical frequency.

So you are actually manifesting…

You are just not manifesting the RIGHT vibrational matched positive frequency.

Without clearing and removing all of these distortions within your fields, your physical frequency will always be much lower and this is in effect attracting a lot of lower frequency-based energies into your fields.

This IS what you are manifesting: lower frequency-based things into your life.

Whether it be people, places, objects, events, situations and experiences.

You are manifesting the same like vibration that you are projecting outward..

… and this happens automatically!

What comes back to you is the same or lower vibrational matched frequency. And this continues to happen, because you don’t fully understand the process involved and the spiritual aspects of manifesting that are ABSOLUTELY critical.

Expansion of Your Physical Frequency

How does your physical frequency expand?

First, you must clear various distortions that are blocking your ability to activate your DNA. This is the first step. Then, we must activate your DNA and bring you into higher states of awareness, consciousness, timelines and more.

Activating your DNA brings you out of a 3D physical frequency where you are constantly attracting the same or lower types of energies into your fields and life in many ways.

Most 3D physical frequency-based beings are in a constant state of panic and are always having experiences that are based on a significant amount of chaos, drama, stress, worry, fear, anger, etc.

Once you’ve moved out of a 3D physical frequency, your ability to manifest begins to amplify at greater levels because you are much more cleared and activated, and you are now connected to your Higher Self and on a higher timeline or timelines than you were before.

How do we achieve this? There are some required services that you will need to attain the ability to activate your DNA. Humanity has seriously been messed with.

You’ve just been programmed all of your life to believe that everything you have experienced is “normal” and part of “human nature”.

Once we’ve activated your DNA, you will be in a greater position of manifestation and you can immediately begin working with the Source Affirmation Technique.

In order to begin working with this system, you will be required to attain at least an 8D physical frequency.

This is achieved by going through specific sessions that are designed to bring you into higher states of awareness and consciousness then you are currently at.

You will be required to go through the following services:

– Matrix Unplugging
– Chakra Unification
– Galactic DNA 100 Strand Activations

After you have gone through the required prerequisites needed to bring you to an 8D physical frequency, you will be eligible and able to apply the Source Affirmation Techniques in this system.

You may already be at this level or higher. In this instance, you are ready to begin working with the Source Affirmation Technique.

Applying The Source Affirmation Technique

It is very simple to use and really expands your ability to manifest your desires… IF, you are actually following through with this process.

Source ATEN has personally given me the ability to offer this to humanity and it is at this time now, when it is most needed.

I have personally been using this technique for years to manifest various things into my life and this technique never ceases to amaze me.

It is that valuable. And no, this is not a $97 product either.

So many people are struggling to manifest their desires and they have no idea the reasons why they struggle so much.

Abundance is unlimited and there is MORE than enough for everyone to experience, if you know how to tap into it properly.

There has been so much stacked against humanity to stop us from being able to achieve greater things, happiness and financial freedom in our lives.

The Source Affirmation Techniques are powerful, energetically enhanced, affirmation-based sessions that you state out loud twice daily to attract more positive things into your life, based on your situation and status of what you want to experience.

It is based on specific and repetitive action that you take each and every day.

ACTION is what begins the manifestation process and magnetically attracts to you what you desire the most.

Two Types of Access

The Source Affirmation Technique has two types of access. Lite Access and Full Access.

Lite Access: Allows you to be able to utilize each Source Affirmation Technique that you purchase. However, you do not have access to modify or create your own as it must be finalized through my energy and frequency. This gives you the ability of being able to manifest based on what you purchase in this system.

Full Access: Allows you to have full access to the creation and implementation of your own Source Affirmation Techniques. You will have access to create an unlimited number of your own techniques that you personally want to focus on manifesting in the template system and it is actually finalized through your energy and frequency. You will be required to have the required physical frequency of at least 10D. This is also the most expensive option because you are receiving access to the full system.

You will actually be able to modify your own technique to include certain parameters that you want to be able to manifest.

You will be working with a level of energy in this service that most never get the opportunity to experience.

These energies come directly from Source ATEN, and all of our Divine brothers and sisters. When you begin implementing this technique, amazing things can begin to happen.

BUT, there are factors involved here that need to be taken into consideration.

Getting your mind right is absolutely essential. Maybe you’ve heard the term “change your mind, change your life.”

If you are a negative person, you will ONLY ever attract negative things into your life.

If you are a positive person, you will ONLY ever attract positive things into your life.

You may even be both a positive and a negative person. This can result in manifesting both good and bad things into your life.

This is the situation for many and it is very much manageable.

But remember, it is your thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions and your reactions that are driving your manifestations ONCE you reach a level that allows you to manifest at greater capacity levels.

If you are still reading up to this point, you are now possibly beginning to question many things in your life that may have not made a whole lot of sense until this very moment.

Or, maybe you already know this topic and have been looking for this level of manifesting.

This was a message to get you to really think about what it takes to manifest ones reality and the various pitfalls that we are faced with on our paths.

The Source Affirmation Technique is a powerful system and before even creating this system, I have personally been using it myself for years. It has changed so many aspects of my life…

As it will yours. I look forward to assisting you on your manifestation journey. There is much for you to learn and go through. If you have already achieved the required prerequisites, you only need to purchase Source Affirmation Technique option(s).

Evolves As You Evolve

The Source Affirmation Technique evolves with your own physical frequency. This gives you the ability to manifest at the highest possible frequency available to you. There is no limitation to this system.

Simply put, if you purchase these techniques, you will always be manifesting at the current physical frequency you have with the types of techniques you are focusing on.

In fully understanding the gravity here of what this system truly is…

The affirmations in each of these techniques are evolving based on your physical frequency in realtime.

This is energetically enhanced manifesting. This system fully evolves with you in realtime. 

When a client is at an 8D physical frequency, they manifest with the Source Affirmation Technique at an 8D physical frequency level.

When a client is at a 12D physical frequency, they manifest at the 12D frequency level.

The same goes for when the client has reached 25D, and 50D, etc.

This Source Affirmation Technique is designed to evolve with you. It is not like any other healing system online.

Prerequisite Requirements

You must be at an 8D Physical Frequency. This means you must not have any distortions in your fields blocking DNA from activating and have activated your DNA.

If you are not familiar with what this is, your best option would be to go through all prerequisites before purchasing the Source Affirmation Technique.

You need to be at a specific frequency before you can start to work with this system. It is a requirement.

Along the way, you are going to have amazing experiences because you will be clearing all kinds of things that have been creating major levels of discordance within all areas of your body and life.

You will then be activating your DNA which will bring all sorts of changes and shifts into your life that will ultimately enhance your life in a variety of ways. shapes and forms.

Choose an option or options below:

Matrix Unplugging Session
Chakra & Kundalini Removal Session
Galactic DNA Activation 100 Strand Activation Session
Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #1


Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #3

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #5

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #7

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Technique #9

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #11

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #13

Cost: $1,111.00

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Client Request

Cost: $1,515.00

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Technique #2

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #4

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #6

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #8

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #10

Cost: $1,111.00

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Technique #12

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Technique #14

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Create Your Own

Cost: $8,888.00

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I have been using the source affirmation technique for many months now and the results are incredible. Xan’ther recommended as a powerful opportunity to manifest my desires. So far i have been using it for alignment with the Universe and a custom one for aligning with source and my true self. Not only did i align with the energies of many galaxies but i have also gained a very very powerful guidance of source and the consciousness of my cosmic guides like shiva, ganesha etc. It is really increased my frequency and helped me with my inner purification.

February 8, 2023

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