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Live Session Add-On

While almost all of my sessions are performed remotely based on pre-arranged agreed times, you can if you choose to do so, book a live session with me via Skype, Facebook, or Telegram. You can choose whether you wish your session or sessions be audio or video-based and it does not matter how long it takes to perform the session. It is a fixed cost.

However, each live session is based on each session performed. In other words, if you are receiving a session that has more than one session and you want all of the sessions to be performed either by live audio or video, you will have to include the additional quantity for those sessions. There are no exceptions to this.

As an example, if you were going to have a DNA activation done that required 3 sessions and you wanted them all to be live audio sessions, you would include 3 as the quantity for a live audio session add-on. 

Live Session Disclaimer:

Understand that a Live Session whether audio or video generally does not take as long to perform as a pre-arranged remote session. The reason why is because each session that I perform takes a certain amount of time based on the type of session involved for me to complete on my end.

However, the client will continue to receive the session for the specific amount of time that each session is based on whether it is a Live Session or a pre-arranged remote session. There are some clients who prefer to receive their sessions just as live audio or video and there are some clients who prefer to receive completely in silence, remotely.

Whatever choice is made, is exactly how the client is meant to receive it. Know that there are some instances where you may feel the energies more intensely based on remote sessions rather than a live session and vice versa. Each client is unique in what they are meant to experience directly. 

All sessions can be performed live, excluding:

  • Angelic Ray Sword Sessions
  • Galactic DNA and Starseed DNA Boost Activations
  • Divination Requests
  • Full Energetic Tests
  • All 25D sessions excluding 25D Commands for Body and MerKaBa and 25D Soul Retrieval (these are audio/video sessions)


Ready to start? Choose which option you would like and you can modify your quantity in your shopping cart at anytime:

Live Audio Session

Cost: $55.00


Live Video Session

Cost: $99.00


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I have been working with xan’ther for 7 weeks now and I can’t get enough! Since finding him I have been through more activations than I can remember! And I am loving every session! My growth has been rapid albeit I know I still have a long way to go but oh my am I blown away by my acceleration already!

Xan’ther is the most remarkable healer and guide I have ever had the pleasure of working with and if you haven’t had a video healing with him yet then I cannot recommend this enough! His voice changes when he goes into the activations and your entire frequency sky rockets! I swear to god it is another level!

Today I woke up to the fact I am galactic law enforcement which is uncanny because I was a police officer for ten years as a human! I have just booked my command codes and 25d mirror shield with him and I have activations going on until Christmas!

My life has transformed and I have such a strong connection to myself already that I just can’t wait to launch into my full essence! If I could lie down for 48hrs and have all he offers all at once then believe you me I would!

So grateful to you xan’ther and for your support outside of my sessions! Xan’ther is the only one who I can really talk to about my experiences as no one in my circle is anywhere near my now level of understanding and he always replies despite the fact some days i send him essays on what is coming into my field!

Thank you for your patience, your guidance, your remarkable skill set and your presence at this time! You are a legend in your own right 🙏😎

Oc'taviour October 8, 2021

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