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Check out the various individualized healing sessions that we offer:

Chakra Services

avatar-activation-chakra-healingChakra Healings: Chakra Healing Sessions are designed to super-charge your chakras. If you are feeling off or having physical or emotion issues, there’s a good change one or more of your chakras are out of balance. Chakra means wheel of light in Sanskrit. The chakras are the seven power points (energy centers) in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as Prana. They are vertically aligned in the center of the body close to the spine.

If the chakras are unbalanced – not properly aligned or blocked – it can affect physical and mental health. The spiritual development is also connected with the good health of the chakra. That’s why it’s so important to maintain healthy chakras, as they will ultimately improve the quality of your life. You can purchase Chakra Healing Sessions individually, or purchase more than one, please know that each session requires an integration period of at least 3 days to allow the energies to work within your body.

avatar-activation-chakra-entity-removalChakra Entity Removals: When it comes to the chakra system, there is much more to it than what you may realize and there is a hidden agenda that is linked directly to ancient esoteric and occult knowledge on why the chakra system exists within all humans.

It is a means of control and manipulation of our energy system.

Entity attachments can and will cause all sorts of discordance, chaos, drama, anger, worry, frustration and much dismay in one’s day to day life.

Not only that, but the purpose of the attachment is to siphon and contaminate one’s energies for the purpose of control.

avatar-activation-chakra-kundalini-removal-sessionChakra & Kundalini Removal Session: The gathering and merging of the energies of each chakra one at a time into your core star which is located above your solar plexus where your old heart chakra will be.

Without having the restrictions of your chakras, you will no longer experience energy drain from your environment and people, and you will have much faster and direct access to your higher self and source energies.

This is a very important step in your spiritual evolution though many are not ready for this and just reading this sentence will experience great resistance through the deeply seated programming that you have been subjected to your entire life.

Things are not the way they seem. The chakra system is actual a slave system designed to keep us from living our true self in our true state of being.

Energetic Clearings / Removals

avatar-activation-15d-auric-clearing-session15D Auric Clearing Session: The clearing and removing of various auric attachments, imprints and energies that are affecting you in ways that creates severe limitations of the spiritual and physical nature of the person in question.

Often times auric distortions create repetitive cycles of feeling stuck or experiencing the same circle of events that keeps happening again and again.

This causes the attraction of the wrong types of energies that affect your daily life because your auric field resonates with these lower forms of energy and allows us to continuously experience difficulty in manifesting a much more desirable reality.

Having many auric attachments, imprints, energies, entities and other distortions in the auric field weigh us down dramatically and keep us in this karmic loop where we are always attracting the same types of people, places, events and other things of the same low vibrational frequency that currently resonates with what we emit from our energy fields.

avatar-activation-15d-karmic-clearing-session15D Karmic Clearing Session: The clearing and removing of various karmic attachments, imprints and energies that are affecting you in ways that relate to what has been inherited through your parents and ancestors through the process of birth.

These karmic distortions greatly hold us back from experiencing our true multidimensional self as many struggle day to day with lack and limitations concerning prosperity, abundance and love.

When these karmic Issues are cleared and transmuted, a person’s life can start to change quite drastically as you will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships and the feeling of having a new reality to live in and create from as the powerful master creator that you are, free from the karmic baggage that once weighed you down.

avatar-activation-15d-auric-chakra-clearing-session15D Auric & Chakra Clearing Session: This session is a much bigger level of expansion to that of the 15D Auric Clearing Session. The major benefit is that it clears the various attachments, imprints and entities within your chakras and it also opens, aligns and fully activates both your 3rd and 4th dimensional chakra system.

Please keep in mind that you may not be ready yet spiritually to merge your chakras into your core star and in this instance this will help you on your path of self-actualization.

Often times auric distortions create repetitive cycles of feeling stuck or experiencing the same circle of events that keeps happening again and again.

This causes the attraction of the wrong types of energies that affect your daily life because your auric field resonates with these lower forms of energy and allows us to continuously experience difficulty in manifesting a much more desirable reality.

Camouflage Shield Destroyer: Quite possibly one of the very first sessions a client should receive as our bodies have been imprisoned in the most incredible ways.

Often times we may possess various hidden negative shields (camouflage shields) that are placed in various areas of our body and fields and these shields may hold various distortions that are impacting us in many ways.

Sometimes these distortions may also contain other more dangerous distortions that are stopping us from being able to heal and these distortions are responsible for the reason why many clients are not able to fully heal or be able to receive a healing that has a dramatic impact on them.

Cord Cutting Services

avatar-activation-15d-energetic-cord-cutting-session15D Energetic Cord Cutting Session: The clearing, removing and cutting of various energetic and ancestral distortions that are related to negative and unhealthy cords that drain huge amounts of energy as a means of control.

Most people do not understand the concept of when someone is on their mind, it usually means that there is an energetic cord that has been created and the negative ones mostly attach to the chakras which creates even more discordance. Energetic cords are a method of high speed communication and the sharing of energy.

Longer-term relationships generally create cords with a build-up of numerous energies and emotions such as need, desire, love, anger, jealousy, envy, etc. They can be very intensive and volatile and can create problems in the form of aches and pains, depression, rage, exhaustion, burn-out, etc.

avatar-activation-20d-cord-cutting-session20D Cord Cutting Session: The clearing, removing and cutting of all forms of cords that are of etheric, energetic, ancestral, places, objects, things that are either of positive and healthy or negative and unhealthy. As we move about in our daily life, we accumulate cords that while may be positive and healthy, over time if there are hundreds of cords, they can create a stacking affect and cause our energies to be drained.

The 20D Cord Cutting Session is a much more, highly advanced cord cutting session working with much stronger energies than the 15D Energetic Cord Cutting Session and it doesn’t just focus on clearing and cutting negative and unhealthy energetic cords.

This session focuses on clearing and cutting all forms of cords whether positive and healthy, negative and unhealthy energetic, etheric, ancestral, from all people, beings, places, things, events and on all timelines, dimensions and galaxies.

avatar-activation-galactic-cord-cutting-techniqueGalactic Cord Cutting Technique: Cord Cutting sessions are absolutely one of the single most important aspects of spiritual assistance. This not not your average or even intermediate level of cord cutting service.

This is a command code cutting sessions and also an energy, power, memories and soul fragment retrieval service. It is the most advanced level of cord cutting sessions one may ever experience.

Unnatural Seals / Implants / Distortion Services

avatar-activation-matrix-unplugging-sessionMatrix Unplugging Session: The clearing and removing of hundreds of energetic distortions that create major discordance, chaos, drama, anger and other negative things in your life. This is a very big energetic cleanse that will create dramatic shifts in your energetic and physical body, as well as, your daily life. This is the “Big Brother” to the J-Seals & Unnatural Implants Removal Session.

It is important to fully understand that the way you look at Earth is in a three dimensional reality, or 3D. As humans we have been hooked up to a universal mainframe, a matrix through the various energetic seals, implants, mind control software programming, belief system modifications, DNA modifications and other energetic distortions.

These energetic distortions have been put in place in a way that is somewhat natural to us, allowing us to basically live within the matrix and never really know or recognize that we are within it and are always being affected by it.

avatar-activation-j-seals-unnatural-implants-removal-sessionJ-Seals & Unnatural Implants Removal Session: The clearing and removing of the 7 Jehovian Annunaki Seals that have been placed into the Earth’s crystalline grid system over 200,000 years ago by various invader races. This session also comes with a 15D Auric & 15D Karmic Clearing Session as well. This will clear many energetic distortions that create much discordance within our energy system.

Many people report physical problems in the exact areas where the seals are located and once they are removed, their health and experience of life improves significantly. These seals are talked about in many ancient texts. The seals activate in response to Stellar Activation Cycles (happening now) and when the seals activate in the body, they can manifest in physical illness if they are not cleared.

These seals are responsible for many of the pains and problem areas that people have on the left side of their body. The Stellar activation cycle is 2012 – 2022 which allows certain seals to open and star gates to open which prepares the earth and everyone on it for ascension.

avatar-activation-25d-hidden-distortion-removal-session25D Hidden Distortion Removal Session: There is so much more that is not available anywhere because these are the distortions that the dark one’s don’t want you to know about. These various types of distortions are literally hidden in multi-dimensional layers of the energetic and physical body. Right down to your BONES!

We have the various types of unnatural seals, implants, and other types of psychic related attacks such as curses, hexes, spells, witchcraft, sorcery, evil eye, black magic, voodoo magic, etc. that can be easily discovered in one’s fields through generalized scanning and divination.

However, the dark one’s have figured out much more sinister methods of applying these various distortions in different areas of the body that are hidden. This means that they are completely undetectable from any normal means of scanning the body. They are placed within the body during your incarnation and can even be placed within different areas of the body at different stages of your life. 

avatar-activation-25d-alien-distortion-removal-session25D Alien Distortion Removal Session: The 25D Alien Distortion Removal Session is a total of 3 combined sessions:

Matrix Unplugging Session
25D Hidden Distortion Removal Session
Chakra & Kundalini Removal Session

The combination of all 3 of these sessions together makes for a very powerful and extremely intensive level of clearing and healing that is unparalleled in the spiritual industry.

The Matrix Unplugging and Chakra & Kundalini Removal Sessions have been intensively revamped and have been made available to us by the energies of Source ATEN and our Cosmic Star Brothers and Sisters: Lord Ashtar Sheran, Lord Ashtar, Lady Athena and J’Tariah EnRa El of Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light.

avatar-activation-calendar-distortion-removal-sessionCalendar Distortion Removal Session: The Calendar Distortion Removal Session is a powerful and very unique service that will dramatically help you in many aspects of your life, or even your business.

Whether you realize this or not, there are literally invisible energies that are potentially being directed onto an aspect of your life that you would never suspect or be aware of that can be affected.

The reality of this situation is that it is happening on a global level that impacts your life and billions of beings on planet in so many ways.

When you learn just how held back we are, you must really stop and think about your life experiences and why things happen the way that they do. It isn’t a normal occurrence.

avatar-activation-distortion-removal-sessionDistortion Removal Session: Do you recognize stubborn patterns of things that keep on happening in your life?

Do you recognize that these patterns continuously keep happening regardless of what kind of life choices you make?

What if all of the various levels of suffering that you have been experiencing in your life was caused by specific distortions that were placed by others, or even yourself?

So much has been done to humanity and individuals that can seem like their way of life has shifted in ways that are incomprehensible.

Avatar Clearing Protocol: Much like the Distortion Removal Session, but instead of clearing specific distortions based on patterns that you notice, you can clear ALL forms and types of distortions that another yourself, another person, being or entity (technology) has placed onto you.

All cleared distortions are also shielded from you up to the current point that you have cleared them from.

So the same distortions can never be placed onto you ever again.

If you are ready to finally clear stuck patterns and energies in your fields that have been plaguing you, this is the service to start with.

Body & Soul Connection Services

avatar-activation-25d-soul-retrieval-session25D Soul Retrieval Session: At some point in our lives, we are hurt by people, circumstances and many other forces that are completely out of control. While these may not be self-inflicted, the natural response is often to want to forget that the trauma happened in the first place so that we are able to move on as fast as possible.

In doing so, this generally leaves people with a lingering sensation of loss, or that something is missing and they are not able to pinpoint exactly what the cause could be.

Soul Loss and dissociation are devices that the brain uses to survive potentially destructive traumatic events. In other words, Soul Loss happens to protect a person initially, rather than to hurt a person. This is a natural protective mechanism. However, EVERY wound must be healed, otherwise it festers.

avatar-activation-25d-trapped-emotion-clearing-session25D Trapped Emotion Clearing: Most people have no idea how much emotional baggage they are literally carrying and once these trapped emotions are cleared, a difference can felt that is not always easy to put into words. If you’ve ever felt like you have been struggling, like there was a tremendous weight on you of something that you aren’t able to put your finger on, you may have trapped emotions. 

Clearing these trapped emotions will allow you to overcome these struggles and obstacles of your past and can result in a whole new direction and way of life that consists of family and other personal relationships that you’ve previously struggled from being able to manage.

Once you have been freed from these trapped emotions, you can begin to feel more secure and motivated and better and brighter things may begin to manifest in your future.

avatar-activation-25d-astral-body-removal25D Astral Body Removal Session: The astral body is an exact replica of the physical body but it is essentially composed of finer matter. It is the link between the nervous system and the cosmic reservoir of energy and corresponds to what many are known as out-of-body experiences (OOBEs).

The astral body, said to be the instrument of passions, emotions, and desires, it interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body.

When the astral body separates from the physical body during sleep, or by the influence of drugs or even an accident, it takes with it the capacity for feeling and only with its return can pain or any other such phenomena be felt.

However, that is what we have been taught to know about the astral body. But, there is something far more sinister that is tied to this aspect of us that has the ability to affect our lives in a myriad of ways.

avatar-activation-25d-axiatonal-lines-removal-session25D Axiatonal Lines Removal Session: The axiatonal lines, or meridian lines are energetic lines that ultimately flow through our bodies creating a grid system within the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. This grid system has been the basis for many different types of healing practices such as acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, to name a few…

What if I told you that these very lines were yet another form of inorganic distortions that are present in our body to allow for even greater levels of energetic access to our energy systems? What many do not realize is that there is an agenda behind all of this stuff. We are truly multi-dimensional, energetic beings and we are having a human experience in this avatar body, or vehicle.

Our bodies have been severely messed with due to all of the nefarious beings who have been modifying the grid systems, the planets and even our bodies through the Universal Grid System.

avatar-activation-survival-body-distortion-removal-sessionSurvival Body Removal Session: The Survival Body Removal Session is a multi-level program that removes the survival body on all dimensional levels of one’s awareness.

The survival body is a body that has been implanted within us to create suffering, limitations and restrictions.

It is yet another energetic aspect of us that gives the dark ones the ability to control and manipulate us without us ever knowing or being aware.

It is also a source of why we experience series of unfortunate events, trips, falls, cuts, etc.

Clearing / Protection Services – 1

avatar-activation-angelic-ray-sword-session-clearing-protectionAngelic Ray Sword Session: Clearings / Protection: Clears and protects client / home or other type of property from all forms of negative energies, negative entities, negative or neutral ETs, negative or neutral ghosts, poltergeists, demons, energetic portals, all forms of cords and attachments, contracts, soul contracts, vows, oaths, bindings, knots, hooks, blocks, barriers, obstacles, locks, etheric Locks, thought forms, enemies, vampires, energy vampires, relationship problems, twin flame relationship problems, psychic attacks, attacks, curses, hexes, spells, black magic, voodoo magic, doll energies, mind control devices, dangers, global disasters, disasters and all other negative forms of energy, across all timelines, all dimensions and all galaxies.

This session utilizes 66+ higher vibrational angelic flames and rays energies of all of the Archangels and the Archeiai (twin flames).

avatar-activation-angelic-ray-sword-session-energy-retrievalAngelic Ray Sword Session: Energy Retrieval: This session is based on the retrieval of all forms of energy the client has either given out from or has had taken from at soul level, quantum level, physical level, from all forms and types of people that are living, non-living, etherical, alien, abusers, thieves, family, severing all forms of cords and attachments, all forms of negative energies, negative entities, negative or neutral ETs, negative or neutral ghosts, poltergeists, demons, energetic portals, all forms of cords and attachments, contracts, soul contracts, vows, oaths, bindings, knots, hooks, blocks, barriers, obstacles, locks, etheric Locks, thought forms, enemies, vampires, energy vampires, relationship problems, twin flame relationship problems, psychic attacks, attacks, curses, hexes, spells, black magic, voodoo magic, doll energies, mind control devices, dangers, global disasters, disasters and all other negative forms of energy, across all timelines, all dimensions and all galaxies. This session utilizes 66+ higher vibrational angelic flames and rays energies of all of the Archangels and the Archeiai (twin flames).

avatar activation the binding sphereThe Binding Sphere: Place an undetectable, impenetrable and unbreakable sphere around a person or group that have been affecting through psychic, spiritual and psychological warfare.

The Binding Sphere will bind the person or group in question and they will never be able to attack you on an energetic level every again. Check out the Binding Sphere Add-On’s for more powerful ways to utilize this amazing service.

Clearing / Protection Services – 2

avatar-activation-angelic-ray-sword-session-reptilian-overlay-removalAngelic Ray Sword Session: Reptilian Overlay Removal: Approximately 65% of present day humanity have bodies that are either Reptilian or have Reptilian Overlays. The Reptilian Overlay is like a second skin, or a form of body armor that you are not able to just get out of. The overlay makes you Reptilian, even though you are not. It doesn’t matter if you are a starseed, or a normal human, you may have the overlay and it may be creating all sorts of issues for you in your life that you are not aware of.

This Reptilian false skin has been imposed upon humanity which forces the host to be controlled by this suit, which also controls the whole entire body. The only parts that the suit doesn’t cover are the hands, feet, neck and face. (but the entire body is still controlled by this suit) This is not any form of energetic implant or seal and this is not part of the soul, it is part of the body. Human bodies are different than human souls. A soul can be good and gravitational towards the light — in service to others, or the opposite — in service to self.

avatar-activation-angelic-ray-sword-session-packagesAngelic Ray Sword Session Packages: If you would like to purchase Angelic Ray Sword Session packages, you may do so via this link.

This will allow you to combine the different sessions that are offered and more packages including sessions that are not based on these sessions but work extremely well with them will be included in this section. 

These sessions utilizes 66+ higher vibrational angelic flames and rays energies of all of the Archangels and the Archeiai (twin flames). As more healing system capabilities are discovered for these types of sessions, they will be added into this section.

avatar-activation-25d-commands-for-body-and-merkaba25D Commands for Body and MerKaba: Program your body and merkaba to become a powerful, impenetrable forcefield as you go up through all the 18 monthly steps. In becoming this impenetrable forcefield, by going through the entire program, you will simultaneously create your new fantasy life that you desire. Through these commands, you will bring back all of your power and energy, connect to the source of your imagination, and allows you to be a higher dimensional person of the highest vibration possible!

Pieces of your aura and energy are missing because it’s been “accidentally shared” out over many years and your energy may be with every person that you have ever interacted with that is connected to you. These are connected to your external Body and MerKaBa and simultaneously, these cords, including bindings, hooks and attachments, other distortions and all forms of connections, go across all timelines, lifetimes, and dimensions.

avatar-activation-collective-consciousness-switchCollective Consciousness Switch: Whether you realize this or not, your thoughts and emotions are being weaponized through the Collective Consciousness Grid. Every day, you are experiencing telepathic communication that draws in thoughts, emotions, reactions, worries, fears, ideas, concepts, etc. that are not even your own.

This means that your own thoughts and emotions are not actually your own, but that of the collective itself. Disconnect yourself now. No one should be forced to be a part of something that has been designed to keep you down.

avatar-activation-inner-child-healing-sessionInner Child Healing Session: If you or one of your loved ones have been experienced trauma or extreme levels of stress, it is likely that the inner child may be wounded. When this happens, the various experiences we take it, we slowly begin to stop playing, imagining and even dreaming.

This means we ultimately allow our experiences to dictate our reality and stop allowing us to utilize our imagination and creative abilities because along the way, they just never materialized. So we chose to listen to our experiences and allow them to control our lives. Healing the inner child is about taking you back into younger years, re-connecting you to your inner child and allowing your inner child to heal from the traumas you’ve experienced that are causing problems in your adult life.

Clearing / Protection Services – 3

25D-Mirror-Shield-Session25D Mirror Shield Session: The 25D Mirror Shield System is an extremely powerful, higher dimensional shielding system that not only blocks all forms of negative energies and other negative influences that others are sending to any type of property you own, but it also repels and sends back the energies of the senders to a power level of up to 100 fold.

This means that anyone who sends any form of negative energies to your home, land, vehicle, etc, will immediately begin experiencing exactly what they are sending to your property at a power level that you choose to have them experience.

The shield can also be programmed to not affect certain people, such as your children, or spouse. If your child gets mad at you, you don’t want to be hitting them with up to 100 fold the amount of negative energies they may be sending you… and kids do this unintentionally sometimes.

25d-empath-shield-session25D Empath Shield Session: The 25D Empath Shield produces strong levels of protection that will keep other people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings and other forms of toxic energies and actions out of your fields, including what is also within the environment that you are in as well.

This powerful shielding system is designed to be placed directly over the auric field of the client and encompasses very high dimensional energies from Ashtar Command. 

As an empath, you tap into these energies automatically and end up mimicking what others have emotionally in their fields, and they can remain in your’s until they are cleared from you or you clear them out yourself. If you find yourself being drain a lot on a daily basis, and you have no idea why. Others may be having a major affect on you energetically and physically.

avatar-activation-25d-akashic-records-restoration-session25D Akashic Records Restoration Session: The 25D Akashic Records Restoration Session is a very powerful and thorough way of clearing out all forms of distortions within your akashic records. Every thought, every action, every interaction, every life, every situation, every circumstance is all recorded in there.

It is believed that with every choice comes consequences, where there is a cause and effect in everything that we do in our lives. This directly relates to what is known as Karma. Karma happens as a result of your own choices and actions. For every action there is a reaction — cause and effect.

Karma can be good or bad depending on the choices and actions you have made. The choices and actions that you have made in the past are directly related to the level of karma you have experienced in your life or what you could potentially be experiencing now. But not everything is exactly as it seems. Sometimes it is not just you that have caused these issues within your akashic records.

Miscellaneous Services

avatar-activation-25d-covid-19-clearing-session25D COVID-19 Clearing Session: If you have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, also known as the Coronavirus, I am currently accepting test trial participants to determine if I have the ability to energetically heal this disease that has been spreading across the entire world at a rapid rate.

This system is currently in Test Trial Participant Phase. That means until I’ve received enough data to support my ability to heal the virus and all of it’s symptoms, the cost will remain at a much lower amount. If you know of anyone that is suffering from the COVID-19 virus, please share this service with them as soon as possible.

avatar-activation-25d-client-activated-sessions25D Client Activated Sessions: You now have access to truly one-of-a-kind services that are not available anywhere else.

Available in 25D Booster and 25D Buster sessions. These sessions give the client the ability to activate them daily, for the rest of their lives.

All you do is purchase the session one time, and you can activate it on you according to the type of service offered.

Due to the nature of this service and based upon requests, more of these types of services are always being added.

avatar-activation-false-light-session-removalFalse Light Session Removal: Have you ever went to a healer for a specific activation or service and after the service that you received left you feeling even worse than you were before you went through it?

Before the service you received, you were fine and you weren’t experiencing anything negative, but all of a sudden, now you are experiencing extreme levels of intrusive thoughts, you feel completely miserable and unbalanced, as if you are going crazy for no apparent reason.

If so, you’ve been the victim of a false light healing session that was designed to cause more discordance and more disruption in your fields, body and many aspects of your life!