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The Full Energetic Test is designed to give you insight on what is happening energetically and physically within your body. There is much information within this report that will aid you in spiritual ascension and personal life.

Indigo Adult Test:

There are three types of Indigos.

Indigos Type 1 and Indigos Type 2 carry dormant within their cellular memory the heritage of the Oraphim ancestry, which is a forward DNA template.

Indigos Type 1 have a 48 Strand DNA Template, while the Indigos Type 2 have a 24 Strand DNA Template. They began incarnating in preparation for the Stellar Activation Cycle that is currently in progress.

Indigo Children Type 3 have a maximum of a 12-Strand DNA Template. They are from the Noah-Abraham-Moses-Nibiruian-Nephilim-Jehovian-Anunnaki-Illuminati lineage, who entered the Emerald Covenant for DNA Template Bio-Regeneis in 1875.

Indigo Type 3’s have a dominant human Oraphim soul co-sharing the body with a Fallen Annu-Elohim Pleiadian-Nibiruian Nephilim soul that is in reverse. The point of two souls sharing one body is to restore the missing 12th DNA strand that is missing from the Anunnaki DNA template.

It is extremely useful to know if you are an Indigo and what Type of Indigo you are.

Knowing this helps you understand why you are on Earth at this time of evolution. The 12 Strand DNA Activation Protocol is essential to the process of awakening to your Indigo nature as these activations align you to your true soul purpose on Earth.

Active DNA Strand Test:

Your cellular structure will be tested and you will learn whether or not your DNA Strands are activated past your 3rd strand. As we are in the 3rd dimensional consciousness, your first 3 strands of DNA are activated. This means that due to your 4th DNA strand being dormant, connection to higher self and your inner guidance is either very low or nothing at all.

Please know and understand that by learning of this information, to proceed with DNA Activation requires first that you remove the various energetic unnatural seals and implants that have been placed in your body to stop your DNA from ever activating in the first place.

J-Seals & Unnatural Implants Test:

J-Seals & Unnatural Implants are the various energetic seals and implants that have been placed in your body through the modification and distortion of the Earth’s crystalline grid system by various ET races. These distortions are designed to create cell death, bodily deterioration, disconnection from higher self, mind controlled belief systems and the running of various programs and other energetic properties that are unnatural to your original divine blueprint. These seals and implants are what have been designed over 200,000 years ago to halt the process of individualized ascension.

Energetic Attachments Test:

These are energetic cords, attachments, imprints and energies that are negative and unhealthy that can cause a drain on your life-force or even create illnesses within your energy system.

Auric attachments can cause severe limitations in the evolution of both spiritual and physical aspects. People often spend many years reading self-help books and seeking out the assistance outside of themselves.

Energetic cords are a method of high speed communication and the sharing of energy. There are healthy cords that create and nurture the sharing of information and energy and there are unhealthy cords that can drain huge amounts of energy from you as a means of control.

It is important to know that people can cord you for the purpose of siphoning your life-force and are able to do so very easily simply through intention. If you notice you are thinking about someone specifically often, there is a good chance you may have already formed an energetic cord.

Karma is inherited through our parents and ancestors through the process of birth and greatly holds us back from experiencing our true multidimensional self. Many people struggle day to day with things such as lack and limitations concerning prosperity, abundance and love. Without clearing karmic attachments, one may continue to suffer from the same issues over and over again in their current and future lifetimes.

Chakra Test:

There are 7 main chakras in our body.

The chakras begin at the base of the spine and end at the top of the head fixed in the center of the spinal column.

If the chakras are not balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. The individual may feel tired, out of sorts, or depressed. Not only will physical bodily functions be affected so diseases may manifest, but the thought processes and the mind may also be affected. A negative attitude, fear, doubt, etc. may preoccupy the individual.

If the chakras are opened too much, a person could literally short-circuit themselves with too much universal energy going through their body. If the chakras are closed, this does not allow for the universal energy to flow through them properly which may also lead to disease.

You will be receiving very powerful and detailed results that will directly reflect what you are feeling in your body.

Chakra Entity Attachments:

When it comes to the chakra system, there is much more to it than what you may realize and there is a hidden agenda that is linked directly to ancient esoteric and occult knowledge on why the chakra system exists within all humans. It is a means of control and manipulation of our energy system.

Therefore, if one has entity attachments within one or more chakras, the only way to remove the entity attachments is to remove the energies of the chakra (which will require a Chakra & Kundalini Removal session) and the energy must be merged into the core star. More information will be provided about this to you.

Entity attachments can and will cause all sorts of discordance, chaos, drama, anger, worry, frustration and much dismay in one’s day to day life. Not only that, but the purpose of the attachment is to siphon and contaminate one’s energies for the purpose of control.

Old Soul Test:

If you are an Old Soul, you find that your outlook on life is vastly different and more matured than those around you. As a result, you tend to live your life internally, walking your own solitary path, while everyone else walks another. Therefore, you often feel alien among other people, and can experience profound feelings of loneliness. You may find that you:

⦁ Tend to be a loner.
⦁ Love knowledge, wisdom and truth.
⦁ Are spiritually inclined.
⦁ Understand the transience of life.
⦁ Tend to be thoughtful and introspective.
⦁ See the “bigger picture”.
⦁ Avoid materialism.
⦁ Tend to feel “old”, e.g. world wary, mentally tired or detached.

Dragon Teacher Test:

Beyond all of this, there are some old souls that are protected and being directed by Mon’té (dragon tongue word for dragon teacher) for the purpose of guidance, protection and the teachings of knowledge that the dragon possesses.

A dragon will choose certain old souls that have specific purposes in their life in which they’ve come to this planet to do. In which case, learning whether or not you have a dragon within you is very important for your own spiritual growth because you will be able to connect with your dragon once you have more information about it. Please keep in mind that not all old souls will have a dragon within them. The dragons choose who they guide.

You will learn if your dragon is connected to an element, what color it is, what size it is, what age it is, what gender it is and what star system it is connected to. You will also learn how to connect to your dragon and I will give you as much information that I am able to provide on your dragon. There are many dragons and they are gentle, noble and very powerful.

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