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Check out the various individualized healing sessions that we offer:

avatar-activation-avatar-12-strand-dna-activation-sessionsAvatar 12 Strand DNA Activation Sessions: The repairing of distorted fire letters within your Angelic Human 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA blueprint. This will activate DNA strands 1 – 12 (or higher if you are Indigo) and will allow you to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness or more within your body.

These activations will create dramatic shifts into your daily life as they are designed to raise your consciousness level, re-code, re-wire, and re-structure your entire light body, preparing it for the ability to handle more light (information) and energetic system upgrades.

The activation of our DNA template divine seed blueprints is a critical step in the process of ascension and in scientific terms DNA is a molecule of heredity, a nucleic acid located in cells that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of living organisms.

avatar-activation-avatar-golden-dna-activation-sessionsAvatar Golden DNA Activation Sessions: The activation of the 144,000 golden strands that are found within your 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA blueprint. Through the these activations, you will experience higher states of consciousness as your light body is instructed to accrete much higher levels of liquid golden light. This session is performed after activating one’s Angelic Human 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA blueprint.

These golden strands are found within the 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA Template. When you embody your Higher Self, you experience ascension. Earth and humans are in the midst of what is called a Stellar Activation Cycle, which occurs every 26,556 years. These are important periods of time because it is during these times that the process of biological ascension is accelerated. Ascension can only happen when DNA is activated.

avatar-activation-galactic-dna-activationsGalactic DNA Activations: These Galactic DNA activations far supersede the normal 12 Strand DNA Activations that are currently available, which activates one’s Angelic Human 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA blueprint giving one the ability to access 12 dimensions of consciousness. For many years, this was the standard in DNA activation. Through the newer, more higher vibrational energy systems and higher dimensional beings that I work with, I am now authorized to offer higher dimensional DNA activations that will expand one beyond the normal, limited 12 Strand DNA Activations.

Whether you possess an Earth or Starseed Soul you can begin to dramatically benefit from the Galactic DNA Activations that have been made available to us by Source ATEN and our Cosmic Star Brothers and Sisters: Lord Ashtar Sheran, Lord Ashtar, Lady Athena and J’Tariah EnRa El of Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light.

avatar-activation-galactic-dna-2-0-activationsGalactic DNA 2.0 Activations: The second installment to the Galactic DNA Activations that has taken starseeds to a powerful level of frequency, timelines, and DNA activation of up to 777 strands of DNA activation.

The Galactic DNA 2.0 Activations have been created to allow starseeds who have already attained the 777 strand DNA activation level prerequisite to expand from 800 DNA strands and beyond.

If you have already completed the first installment of activations. You are ready for these new, higher frequency energies. This level of energy has doubled in strength in comparison to the first installment and has been designed to dramatically boost one’s physical frequency very quickly.