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Lightarian Ray & Clearing Program Sale

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Lightarian Ray & Clearing Program Sale

Avatar Activation is having a sale on Lightarian Ray & Clearing Program Sessions. This is a limited time offer and limited quantities are available.

These sessions are extremely transformational and will launch a powerful and extraordinary process of empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation within your energetic and physical body to transform your mind, body and spirit on ALL levels of your multidimensional anatomy, from your Soul, Oversoul and Higher Self.

With the Lightarian Rays Program, you will be receiving a permanent connection with each particular Ascended Master that governs each one of the Rays directly to greatly support essential aspects of spiritual development within your etheric background.

With these powerful sessions, you will accelerate the process of your spiritual path more quickly and effectively and with more grace and joy in your life than you would if you were going through the natural process.

You will become attuned to these energies and what each Lightarian Ray was designed to do for spiritual development:

Lightarian Empowerment Ray: Acceleration of your spiritual development.
Lightarian Clearing Ray: Etheric deep cleaning.
Lightarian Healing Ray: Launching a powerful process of self healing.
Lightarian Activation Ray: Energetically activates your latent etheric coding.
Lightarian Manifestation Ray: Expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels.
Lightarian Source Ray: Creates an energetic connection with the energies of our Universal Source.

The Lightarian Ray Program will create powerful shifts in your energetic and physical body. These are essential steps in the process of one’s spiritual awakening because there is so much stimulated and released in this process.
Lightarian Clearing Program:

With the Lightarian Clearing Program, you will be expanding upon the Lightarian Clearing Ray session to which you would have already received, which supports much deeper clearing techniques that are designed to dramatically clear your energy fields and is a vital part of your personal transformation and ascension process.

Through the Lightarian Clearing Program, you will be experiencing very deep levels of clearing in the following areas:

Lightarian Path Clearing: Clearing of restrictive belief structures and their associated adverse mental, emotional and etheric-physical stored energies.
Lightarian Birth Pattern Removal: Clearing of very deeply ingrained patterns of energies and etheric imprinting from parents and any significant environmental impacts and influences during pregnancy.
Lightarian Template Clearing: Clearing out the etheric template, which is an exact body double of the physical body. This is where miraculous healing can take place.
Lightarian Attachment Removal: Clearing of various forms of adverse energies such as etheric links, cords or connection, psychic attack lines, etheric attachments, implants, etheric devices and more.
Lightarian Lineage Clearing: Clearing of undesigned energetic conditions of mis-alignments or out-of-balance situations due to the adverse belief structures which can lead to a greater sense of alignment among your levels of self and more.
Lightarian Veil Removal: The releasing of the levels of energies, distortions and imbalances that that hold adverse beliefs about the self and/or the life experience that it is witnessing. You will witness more clarity in your life as a result of this removal.

The Lightarian Clearing Program will launch very deep levels of intense clearing and healing on all levels of your multidimensional anatomy, from your Soul, Oversoul to your Higher Self.

You will be receiving a total of 12 sessions. Both types of systems are very powerful and highly transformational sessions that stimulate major changes within your entire being during these changing and challenging times.

Please choose from one of the options below. You can receive Remote / Audio / Video sessions. There are limited quantities available for each type. If you choose audio or video sessions, you will be able to connect and talk with me directly for approximately 1 hour before each session begins.

Only 20 sales for each service will be offered and this sale can be removed at anytime.

You may come to this page at a later time and the sale may be over, so do not hesitate on this!

That means, this is a first come, first served type of sale and you do not want to hold off on this because it may never be offered like this again. Coupon codes can not be used with any other service outside of this page.

If you come to this page and there is a timer present, you will only have the allotted time remaining to receive this discount.

*** Only one coupon code may be applied at a time. This means, if you are purchasing different services outside of this page with coupon codes, you must purchase them individually with each separate coupon code specific to the offer you are purchasing. ***


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12 Remote Sessions

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12 Audio Sessions
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12 Video Sessions
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