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About Xan’ther Ka EnRa El

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My Introduction

Xan'ther Ka EnRa El (sounds like Zanther) which is my actual Soul / Akashic name that which vibrates at a physical frequency that is not of this planet.

I am a Multi-dimensional Tau Cetian/Sirian Starseed Healer who has came to this planet in order to assist in Gaia's ascension process and the ascension process of all beings on Gaia (Earth) today.

At the time of writing this (my dimensional frequency goes up periodically) I am a 25D J.E.D.I “Rank Technician” working for the Impartial J.E.D.I. 25D Council — as well as the Galactic Federation of Light — and the Ashtar Command, through being a graduated Candidate II. My J.E.D.I training gives me the authorization and ability to perform and create unique forms of healing that are not of this Earth.

I began going through my spiritual awakening in 2010 when my daughter was diagnosed with a rare syndrome and I took several months off of my previous business to search for alternative forms of healing and by Divine alignment I came across an Usui Reiki healer who began helping me with my daughter.

I became very fascinated by the techniques and abilities used, that she asked me if I would like her to attune me and become an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. After this accomplishment, I wasted no time in learning and working with various forms of energy healing modalities that I used on her to aid in her healing.

I spent a long time learning different modalities and spirituality and evolvement and went through many tests, trials and tribulations to get to where I am today. I have gone through many spiritual battles and have learned many incredibly powerful healing techniques, protection techniques and I look forward to assisting you in your own personal ascension process of clearing, healing, activation and manifestation.

Xan’ther Ka EnRa El:

“Life Path 22”

Individuals with a life path number of 22 (“Twenty Twos”) possess both vision and the power to turn those visions into reality.

One of the rarest and most distinctive of all life path numbers is 22. One of two “Mastery Numbers” (the other being eleven), 22 holds a special place in numerology: Individuals with a life path number of 22 (“Twenty Twos”) possess both vision and the power to turn those visions into reality. While many other life path numbers may have the ability to dream, or the ability to quickly seize the day — Twenty Twos have the rare ability to dream big dreams and then actually implement them.

Twenty Twos are spiritually gifted, but also have a powerful grasp of reason, logic and down-to-earth common sense. This duality of ability is rare in people, and it affords Twenty Twos with an unmatched ability to conceive an idea, plan it and ultimately to execute it. Twenty Twos achieve with little-effort that which others must work much harder to accomplish.

Why Choose Avatar Activation?

You are not viewing this page by coincidence. Majority of the beings who connect with me connect with me through pre-arranged agreements prior to their incarnation on planet. This is due to the knowing of me being able to assist them in their personal ascension process by whatever means necessary and their higher self brings them into this Divine alignment when it is in Divine Timing and in Divine Right Order to do so.