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Soul And Body Connection Package

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Soul & Body Connection Package

soul-body-connection-packageOne of the single most important things you can do for yourself is ensure that you have no trapped emotions, no soul fragmentation and your inner child is operating at its optimal status.

By receiving consistent sessions, this will ensure that the traumas you’ve experienced throughout your life as a child and into your adult years, even what’s happening in your current situations, are no longer having any kind of energetic impact on your life.

Everything happens on an energetic level before it manifests into our physical reality.

This means that majority of what we experience and go to the doctors for, are actually metaphysical conditions and not meant to be treated by any type of medication whatsoever.

A doctor is quick to immediately put you on medication or perform surgery because they make the most money by doing so. It’s a big business for sure.

The reality is, you may be going to the doctors for certain aches and pains in your body, but it could actually be an ascension symptom, caused by the rise in your frequency based on certain conditions your energetic fields are producing or experiencing.

If you go to the doctors too many times for the same symptoms, eventually they will have to diagnose you for something and when that happens, it generally means that you are either going to be prescribed medication that will actually not help the situation (or make it worse), or they will refer you to a specialist, thus sending you further down the rabbit hole — not actually getting the help you need.

An example of this would be trapped emotions within your liver and gall bladder area.

Many store the following negative emotions in the liver and gall bladder area: anger, bitterness, guilt, hatred, resentment, depression, frustration, indecisiveness, panic and taken for granted — not specifically all at the same time, but in some cases, this is possible.

Most people don’t realize that these negative emotions can create gallstones.

Yes, they are actually the result of trapped emotions that have been stored for many years within this area of the body and creates not only behavioral, but even physical ailments and conditions.

These ailments and conditions are then get misdiagnosed by a doctor because they are now manifesting in your body in actual physical form.

When a person goes to the doctor and states the specific symptoms of how they are feeling, most of the time the doctor will recommend that you remove your gall bladder.

It’s not a part of the body that you need they will tell you, but the reality is they make more money by performing surgery, so they will offer this option to you without hesitation.

Here’s what is wrong with this situation…

If you remove the physical part but never correct the energetic blockages that are stopping the flow of energy and healing that your body performs naturally, those symptoms will persist even though you’ve removed the physical part.

Do you wonder why you are so upset and angry, or possibly frustrated and depressed?

Trapped emotions can be a major indicator in how you feel each and every day.

They can be very debilitating in many ways and they will have a negative impact on many aspects of your life and this is just one area that I’m referring to.

Trapped emotions are very important to remain clear from, but there are also other factors of trauma that at least every soul at one point in their life and/or many points in their life have experienced.

What many do not realize is, when we experience trauma, our body does some things that keeps us from constantly reliving that trauma.

It’s a natural, protective mechanism that our body does automatically.

First, it will break off parts of your soul that are tied to those traumas and these soul fragments will flee off into other dimensional realities or other areas of your physical incarnation… and they will remain there permanently until you retrieve them back through the process of soul retrieval.

This stops you from constantly reliving the trauma over and over again… it is also the reason why you may not even remember 25% of the trauma that you’ve been through.

When you have experienced significant soul fragmentation, you experience more distorted thoughts and behaviors.

These deviations manifest in the form of addictions, perversions and a wide array of damaging personality disorders.

Missing soul fragments can also manifest as alternate identities that can be well observed in the individual as destructive to the self and destructive to others.

When one is continually destructive towards the self, or others, eventually the soul layers fragment and split.

This causes mental confusion and tendencies called by psychology: narcissism, schizophrenia, dissociative personality, sociopathy (lack of empathy), leading to inflict destruction and harm to the self and others (plus the person’s community, and to the planet).

All levels of soul damage requires soul retrieval to retain and retrieve soul parts (soul shards): this is a re-balancing of karmic power abuses (cause and effect) from other lifetimes, timelines, and to the other individuals involved with this person’s life.

Yes, you heard that correctly… Trauma, whether it be in the form mental, emotion, physical, verbal or sexual abuse, causes soul loss and the ONLY thing that can treat the traumas you are experiencing is a soul retrieval.

… Not an anti-psychotic drug that a psychiatrist will prescribe to you.

You can not treat a metaphysical condition with medication. It just makes the situation worse.

Why do you think they tell you that the medication you are being prescribed can actually cause depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and more?

They have to tell you what is going to happen before it happens. This is how they are absolved of all of their karma.

If a medication has been tested, proven and designed to help you, why should it have the ability to make you feel even worse than you do before you came to the doctor in the first place?

But at the same time, you will take the medication at the trust of this doctor who supposedly knows what is best for you, but in the long run, they either have no idea themselves, or they do and they are just a part of the agenda that has been set forth long ago to cause more destructive behavior on this planet.

Besides retrieving soul fragments and bringing you back to balance, harmony, peace and happiness, when we experience trauma, we also cause our inner child to become damaged.

When it comes to the inner child, it can be the simplest thing that leaves a long lasting impact on us energetically and eventually manifests many years later in the form of more destructive behavior, such as childlike outbursts, throwing things, violence, saying or doing things you don’t mean, talk down to yourself very harshly, have commitment issues, abandonment issues, immaturity, frustrated, irritated and much more.

As an example of what happens to the inner child, think of yourself as a young child at the age of 5 or 6 playing on the playground and you trip, fall and get hurt and everyone is watching and laughing at you.

Now, years from this incident, you may not remember exactly what happened or may not even remember who was there or how old you were, you may remember the feeling of what you went through at that time.

You may remember the shame, the tears in your eyes and the pain of hurting yourself when you fell.

You may even remember saying to yourself “I’m never going to make a fool out of myself again.”

As time goes on, even though your physical body has healed, you are actually dragging all of these energetic scars into your adulthood!

Until one day — possibly 20 – 50 years later, something happens that triggers you in a way that brings out some very negative responses, tantrums and other things.

Now think of this in a different way. This is just one experience. What if you’ve had potentially 100’s of traumatic experiences?

These traumas you’ve experienced leave you with a severely damaged inner child (and soul loss) and when certain things happen or are brought out into the open, the inner child begins to react accordingly.

This can ultimately create very destructive behaviors and situations in your life. It is essentially your inner child that is crying out for the help that it needs in order to heal.

You may begin to realize that you are literally no longer in control and that your inner 5 year old is running the show and creating havoc in your life because he or she has never really healed from the experiences that you as a child/adolescent/adult had experienced in your life.

Now, this is of course just one instance… We go through many things in our lives that can leave long-lasting scars and other disturbances and if the inner child is not being healed at any point in life, your inner child will react and cause many problems in your life, because you are literally not in control anymore.

You may think you are, but when you begin to experience very stressful situations and are not able to deal with them in a reasonable, calm manner, it is time to understand that what you are experiencing is because your inner child is hurting and he or she is in control, especially when certain situations trigger your inner child to act up in a very negative way.

Trapped emotions, soul loss and inner child healings are from what you can see, an absolutely VITAL aspect of healing and you are being offered an amazing opportunity to receive these sessions at a fraction of what you would normally pay for them…

If purchasing a package higher than Package 1, know that there are integration periods in between each session as follows:

– 25D Trapped Emotion Clearing Full Session (2 sessions), each 7 days apart
– 25D Soul Retrieval Session, each 2 months apart
– Inner Child Healing Session, each 1 month apart

There is a reason why integration periods exist. Sometimes these sessions can be very intensive to experience and your body will require time in between to assimilate the energies that it is receiving before it can be ready to receive the next consecutive session.

Choose the package that resonates the most with you today.

Payment Options Are Available For Higher End Services. Inquire Within.