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Lightworker Series

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Lightworker Series: Getting Ready For Ascension & More

You are distraught, searching for answers. You wonder who you are, why you are here. What is your purpose for being on this planet at this time…

There is so much for you, dear Starseed that you must understand in regards to timing and placement, and in this series, you will learn all of the information that you need to be prepared for what is to come, when you are ready to do so.

This will also tie into Galactic Shamanism J.E.D.I. Training when the classes will be released… This information is highly sensitive and is password protected.

If you want access to this material, you must contact me directly. Love and Light to you, dear one. Namaste Day. You are here for a reason. Nothing is coincidence. Everything is connected and all has been pre-arranged before your incarnation on this planet. It is best to follow through from 101 – Appendix.

Do not skip ahead. Read and study all of the material in order to be fully prepared for what is to come.

\\\\ 101 //// 202 \\\\ 303 //// 404 ////  505  //// 606 \\\\ 707 //// 808 \\\\ Appendix ////