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Avatar Activation System

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The Avatar Activation System consists of clearing hundreds of various types of energetic distortions such as the 7 Jehovian Annunaki Seals (J-Seals) unnatural seals, implants, etheric devices, alien machinery, galactic race memory and lineages, trauma memories, auric & karmic attachments, imprints and other energies, negative and unhealthy energetic and ancestral cords, a full chakra & kundalini removal, the activation of one’s 12 strand DNA template Divine seed blueprint and also the activation of the 144,000 golden strands found within the 12 strand DNA template.

More information is provided below as an individual session. You may view all information pertaining to what each session will do for you and then when ready, come back to purchase the package.

Matrix Unplugging Session
15D Energetic Cord Cutting Session
Chakra & Kundalini Removal Session
12 Strand DNA Activation Session
Golden DNA Activation Session

Please keep in mind that each session must be separated by specific time frames in order to fully integrate each session. The sessions vary in length of time performed and time to integrate in between each session. If guided to do so, you may choose a different order in which you receive each session. There is no prerequisite for receiving these sessions, except for the DNA activation sessions.

You can not receive the 12 Strand DNA activation Session without first receiving the Matrix Unplugging Session because there are many energetic unnatural seals that are blocking DNA strands 4 – 12 (or Higher if Indigo) from ever activating. You also can’t receive a Golden DNA Activation Session without first receiving the 12 Strand DNA Activation Session.

Matrix Unplugging Session:
Requirement: Lay down for 2 hours on back with eyes closed.
Integration Time: 14 days.

15D Energetic Cord Cutting Session:
Requirement: Lay down for 45 minutes on back with eyes closed.
Integration Time: 7 days.

Chakra & Kundalini Removal Session:
Requirement: Lay down for 1 hour on back with eyes closed.
Integration Time: 7 days.

12 Strand DNA Activation Session:
Requirement: Lay down for 45 minutes on back with eyes closed.
Integration Time: 7 days between sessions (3).

Golden DNA Activation Session:
Requirement: Lay down for 45 minutes on back with eyes closed.
Integration Time: 7 days between sessions (3).

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Cost: $555.00



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I have been going through my transformation with Xan’ther’s programs for the last 4 months now. I wanted to go through the entire process of the 15D Auric Chakra Clearing + Avatar Manifestation System before I wrote a testimonial as I feel it holds more weight since it’s been such a long journey so far:

There are several HUGE noticeable benefits I have received since I started with Xan’ther- the first one being – PEACE. I feel MUCH more at peace inside my head. I don’t have as much chatter. My mind is more still and calm. This has resulted in me being happier as I go on in my daily life. Which then prompts me to have more fun and be more silly and playful and laugh more. My irritability has diminished and I have a greater capacity to just observe rather than react to situations.

Secondly, a huge noticeable benefit is that I have been learning so many new things about myself at a soul level. I feel I have been unblocked from this information, which is why it is now appearing in my reality and making itself known. I am learning about all my soul aspects and how they are now all merging with me, which is the reason I am being made aware of them as they are now in my energy field. There is so much more here that I can’t go into for the sake of space.

Third, I feel closer to source and all that is. I am understanding things on a much deeper quantum level. Things are being revealed to me that are happening in the quantum, I have been getting words in my dream state, I am being made aware that I am not dreaming, but instead I am on missions. My dream state has become much more vivid and tangible with a sense of “knowing” that I am doing massive work in the astral preparing Gaia, the collective and myself for the 5D new astral realm and new earth.

My entire life is 100x better! I am enjoying it so much more! Living life and entering the dream state is so interesting and fun now!!! I am excited to see where the Lightarian sessions take me …and beyond!!!

Lastly, Xan’ther is so knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. He has been very through when answering my countless questions. He’s one-of-a-kind and I’m so blessed to have been led to him!

Dawn Green November 30, 2022

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