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Divination Requests

Looking for answers to questions that have been troubling you?

I can scrye and provide answers to your questions based on what your Higher Self states in the NOW. I can’t definitively tell you what is going to happen later on, or through certain circumstances because there are variables and other factors with working with divination, based on the questions that are answered in yes or no format.

If you wish to continue with the divination based questions, please review my disclaimer before continuing:

Divination Disclaimer:

Understand that in divination, you are having me ask questions to either your higher self, a friend, family member or even another client’s higher self.

The results I am receiving are what I am receiving from the higher self at that exact point in one’s personal life and spiritual evolution. Results can fluctuate according to one’s frequency and other factors in their lives. But please understand that according to life and what we go through each and every day, there are factors that change things and the courses of our lives.

In divination, we are receiving exactly what the higher self states at that time. We can’t control what the next outcome is. Things can change and it all has to do with what happens in one’s life, that leads up to that prediction and what affects them energetically and physically. (this is not to say that each prediction always changes. Some don’t. They stay the same, and some change. We can not control this.)

For this I do not and never 100% guarantee any results of what divination receives from different times of months and even years. Time passes and things change.

No one can 100% predict what is going to happen in one’s life with 100% guaranteed certainty that it is going to happen. Many factors including the Universe, any forms of spiritual laws and other things that may come into play according to everything that is being requested, as things change according to all sorts of factors in one’s life.

No psychic or divination master or any type of healer will 100% guarantee any of the results they receive or even the healings they provide. We are not able to because of free-will and emotion. Intentions are energy and one’s thoughts change the course of their lives and what they experience or happens to them according to how they react to situations that are happening to them.


When it comes to divination requests, please understand that I reserve the right at any time to decide to stop any further questions from being asked in case the levels of questions become too deep. There are clients that will literally ask layers upon layers of questions and with this kind of layering and through the various things that happen in the course of our lives, the various layers of questions answered may change at anytime. It is for this reason that I do not like to answer questions that have multiple layers to them.

For example:

Layer 1: “How long will it take for me to find my twin flame?”
Layer 2: “What form of communication will I first make with my twin flame?”
Layer 3: “Will it be via email/in person/via phone?”

This gives you an idea of a basic layering of questions and this can go down many levels. I will not answer these types of questions because the course of these answers can change and it is completely out of my control.

With that being said, you can ask basic questions. Each question answered requires that I spend some time connecting to your higher self and energy fields in which I receive the best possible and most accurate results available to you at this exact point in time.

Requests may take a few days to complete according to the amount of questions asked and my current work load of clients and students.

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Divination Requests: Answer 2 yes or no questions.

Cost: $44.00

Divination Requests: Answer 5 yes or no questions.

Cost: $111.00

Divination Requests: Answer 10 yes or no questions.

Cost: $222.00