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Galactivation Program
It’s Time To Accelerate Your Ascension Process!

There’s a reason why you came to this page…

There are no coincidences. Everything is connected, everything is deliberate. What you are about to read will open your eyes and bring to you a level of awareness that you may have never experienced before. But make no mistake, you may encounter resistance towards this information. If you do experience any level of resistance to any of what you are about to read, realize that it is very deep levels of programming and adverse belief systems that have been in your fields controlling you on all levels without your conscious knowledge…

Everything you think you know about your life and how you’ve been living it has not been completely done by you alone. You may liken to think that everything is your fault, or has been your fault. You may actually believe and think the things that you’ve been through in your life are the result of “human nature”, or that you are just meant to experience life in a certain way.

What if I told you that since you incarnated into this planet, you automatically inherited hundreds of different types of energetic distortions that have been instantly placed into your fields in such a natural way that has actually forced you to live the way you’ve been living your life each and every day?

How many times has someone just said something to you which absolutely rubbed you the wrong way and you instantly developed a level of rage and anger that would come out of nowhere? Do you know why this happens? What if I told you that there were things in your fields that were actually causing you to react and respond to situations in this way?

There are actually hundreds of distortions that may be in your fields right now that are creating unprecedented levels of discordance. Until you’ve fully been unplugged from these types of distortions, you will never know what it is like to truly experience a level of clarity and awareness that has been creating veils over your fields since the beginning of your life.

It is important to fully understand that the way you look at Earth is in a three dimensional reality, or 3D. As humans we have been hooked up to a universal mainframe, a matrix through the various energetic seals, implants, mind control software programming, belief system modifications, DNA modifications and other energetic distortions.

These energetic distortions are inherited through birth and are of the most detrimental types of devices that we have within our energy bodies and auric fields, placed within the Earth’s crystalline grid system on various axiatonal lines (meridian ley lines) which also correlate to different areas of the body.

These energetic distortions have been put in place in a way that is somewhat natural to us, allowing us to basically live within the matrix and never really know or recognize that we are within it and are always being affected by it. By removing all of these energetic distortions, seals, implants and various other energetic devices you will be able to access more of your higher self which will allow you to hold these frequencies here in the physical.

The removal of these distortions releases the cap on your potential. You will begin to feel old patterns, negative addictions, thought processes and drama dissolving from your life as a result. Ultimately, you will receive a dramatic increase in clarity, awareness, psychic abilities due to the various seals and implants being removed from your bodies and auric fields and increased states of consciousness and much more.

As if this wasn’t enough to deal with, we are energetic beings that have the potential to experience life in a way by connecting with others through cords of attachment. These cords can be extremely detrimental to us as they are a line of two-way communication and can be very threatening to our health and well-being.

If you find yourself constantly thinking of someone in particular, you may form a cord that will drain you and make you feel bad for no reason. Most people do not and will not understand the concept of this as an energetic human being and with our thoughts, feelings and emotions we create etheric cords that are either healthy or unhealthy, which either promote good health, or bad health as a result of the type of cord.

Etheric cords can form between people, objects, and situations where there is a fearful attachment, afraid to let go, scared to be alone, afraid to be without. These are invisible energy links. We normally cord to other people and also allow them to cord to us throughout the course of our everyday lives. Many of these cords are short lived and dissolve quickly.

A negative cord will feed on the energy and emotions of one person to another in both positive and negative ways and you may feel angry and not know why. You may feel depressed for no apparent reason as these cords are normally formed on a subconscious level through the need of a person’s manipulation and control.

Are you finding it particularly difficult to “let-go” and move forward from a relationship? Chances are there are cords of attachment from the other person that is holding you back. A person going through a divorce may be feeding their anger, rage, stress, and jealousy to the other person and vice versa. Without realizing it, parents feed these emotions to their children and partners, creating all sorts of problems for everyone.

If you have a cord attached to someone you love and that person is going through a major crisis, they may be draining energy from you. So you will feel drained without even knowing why!

Another deception that you may not be aware of is the fact that we have this chakra system that is compartmentalizing our energies and allowing other people and beings to manipulate, contaminate and even control our energy fields. They have the ability to attach energetic cords to each of the chakras, therefore giving them the ability to siphon our energies from us and our chakras affects us in a lot of different ways.

What you may not know is, the chakras are actually astral implants that have been designed as a limitation-based programming/belief system structure that limits the flow of energy from your core star. They regulate energies in various parts of your body in the center of your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

When the chakras are out of balance, they begin to shutdown and fully close. When this happens, diseases can manifest that are emotional, physical and behavioral related. Until the chakra is opened and balanced, the person will continue to feel the way they feel and begin to worsen in their condition as more chakras shutdown creating other negatively influenced problems.

For many years, this was the way that it has been taught and carried down from Master to Student and then to millions of people on the planet. Nobody wants you to know that the chakras are essentially negative implants that can be used against you to siphon your energy and create illnesses that wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. They are used to drain and contaminate your energy.

If you really stop and think about what the chakras do to limit you, you will learn very quickly that having your chakras removed is an essential piece in the ascension puzzle. For most, the chakras have been a way to learn about their energetic body and to increase their consciousness levels. Though, this has been fed through the many years of programming to make us think that the chakras are required for us to live and function.

This is a lie.

Our original Divine blueprint was based on having three energy stars. The mind, core and loin stars. These three stars make up the three star system.

The Three Star System is an automated system that gets activated once the core star has been activated and energized and is not usually talked about as much as the core star itself as being the one single energy source once the chakras are merged. In reality, there are three main sources of energetic centers consisting of the mind, core and loin stars that automatically keeps your energy fields charged.

Because the chakra system formally worked with each gland within the endocrine system in the body, these three stars take the place of the chakra system and gives each gland and body part the required amount of input, data and energy it needs to keep your energy system working without compartmentalizing all of your higher self and source energies.

  • The Mental/Intellectual Aspect – operates from the head where the Mind Star resides. The mental aspect interfaces with all the brain and mind functions and helps integrate left and right brain so that neither is dominant and they work in synergism with each other.
  • The Emotional/Intuitive Aspect – is in the middle where the Core Star or “soul” resides. This aspect if functioning properly is the master “center” and is bigger than the other two. It’s job is to manage not just itself, the Heart/Soul and it’s Emotions/Intuition, but it has the innate intelligence and wisdom to initiate and continue the interfacing of all three aspects and keep them in good working order.
  • The Creative/Sexual Aspect – is at the bottom where the Loin Star sits. This aspect is extremely important, way more than the obvious, “sexuality” …as without creative energy, we would wither and become extinct, both as a body and a species. Creativity is how we get ourselves out of messes and is the catalyst for growth and evolution. The energy from this Loin Star-creative aspect is what can help us rebuild after devastation both inside and outside the body. It is also what ignites passion and when combined with the energies of the Core Star-emotional/intuitive center/aspect and the head-mental aspect there are no limits to what we can create, re-create and regenerate!

Because our energetic bodies have been tampered with in such a way that ultimately stops of from ascending into higher frequencies, we are not able to activate our own DNA.

It used to be that between the ages of 33 – 44, that we would have automatically as a natural process, activated our original 12 strand DNA template.

As all humans, even Starseeds have a minimum of a 12 strand DNA template. Most beings are accessing consciousness levels that extend to that of only 3 or potentially 4 levels of consciousness, which correlates to only having 3 – 4 strands of activated DNA.

Living within a 3D consciousness level, or physical frequency keeps us living within the confines of the matrix, which allows us to be affected heavily by the various forms of distortions that we possess within our fields. When DNA activation happens life comes up with much more clarity and harmony instead of drama, chaos, unhappiness, stress, and difficulties in experiencing genuine love.

Most people do not know their life purpose and are just drifting in their lives. Furthermore, people are very disconnected from their REAL Selves and Universum and most people need to meditate or do yoga for many years to feel any energetic experience or a moment of higher state of consciousness.

In reality it is people’s birthright to live without drama, with an excellent health, full of energy, joy and inner peace and live a life where each person knows what his/her life purpose is and each person can experience advanced psychic abilities where consciousness can arise and experience multidimensional awareness.

DNA activation helps to start activating these abilities which each person already has, yet they are dormant. The goal of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution is to progressively activate DNA to bring in and embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness and merge with the ONE Source consciousness once again.

To activate our 12 strand DNA template divine seed blueprint means that we are able to change the angular rotation of particle spin within every particle and sub-atomic particle that makes up our bodies to be able to ascend to another dimension. Most humans have forgotten who they are and that they are God-like beings. When the human genome was operating in its original organic form in pre-ancient history, the process of cellular transmutation took place in one lifetime, over a period of about 44 years.

What if you were able to activate even more than 12, 24 or 48 strands of DNA? What do you think that would do for the levels of consciousness, abilities, manifestation and much more?

Everything gets accelerated!

It’s time to dramatically upgrade your energetic and physical body! The Galactic DNA Activations have been made available to unlock your DNA template and dramatically boost your consciousness far beyond what you’ve ever been able to achieve in the past.

Here are some of the incredible benefits:

  • Increases your physical frequency, immediately bringing you into a 6D physical frequency.
  • Activates higher dimensional youth, vitality, light body and psychic gifts chromosomes.
  • Activates higher dimensional DNA codes of enlightenment, ascension, awakening and abundance.
  • Unlocks your limited DNA template from a 12, 24 or 48 strand DNA template to 777 strands of higher dimensional DNA strand encodings.
  • Begins the shedding process of all forms of lower vibrational energies that no longer match your new, higher frequency.
  • Expands your consciousness and abilities even further and you may even begin developing new abilities over time.
  • Increases your manifestation abilities.
  • Much more!

Your physical frequency is the speed at which your avatar body puts off your vibration. So the higher your frequency, the stronger spiritually you become to ward off dark forces, it strengthens your aura and also expands your consciousness, psychic abilities, manifestation and much more.

A word of caution… These are higher dimensional frequencies that you will be receiving and there are some prerequisites required that you will be receiving before you are able start activating your Galactic DNA. Read everything on the page very carefully and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask at anytime.

It is at this time, here and now do we have access to energies that allow us to expand in dramatic ways through these powerful, highly transformational Divine energies that have the ability to metamorphose and create dramatic shifts and changes in one’s life. Through these Galactivation Packages, you will achieve the restoration of your DNA strands to their original divine function and highest energetic holding potential through your incarnate identity which correlates to physical, emotional and mental bodies.

You will have the ability to access your Superconscious Mind (your Higher Self) and allow the embodiment of your Soul Identity. This activation will allow you to re-wire your energy conduits for expansive light accretion into your morphogenetic field is a form holding blueprint that holds access to your life’s mission or missions.

By activating your DNA strands beyond the normal 3 strands, you are dramatically expanding your multidimensional consciousness levels and this allows you to access these levels of consciousness while you are awake or sleeping. (most of the time, you will access this unconsciously, but in time you can learn to access these consciousness levels while you are consciously aware of it).

Not only will you be able to embody more of your Higher Self and experience higher states of consciousness, you can start to live a life in ever deepening peace, genuine love and joy that is within you. Your world outside as a reflection of what is inside will gradually change and your life may become more simple, relationships will be deeper and meaningful and your work may change to something that your soul is passionate about.

Your physical frequency will dramatically be increased in the process. Regardless of what Galactivation Package you decide to go with, when your physical frequency is higher than other beings, you begin to shed all of the lower vibrational energies that no longer match your new, higher frequency and because of this, you will begin to experience dramatic shifts and changes as you go through the integration and processing of the Galactic DNA Activations.

You will be going through a series of sessions, depending on the package that you choose. This may consist of a minimum of 4 sessions, all the way up to 27 sessions in total.

Choose the package that resonates with you the most:

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