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15D Karmic Clearing Session

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15D Karmic Clearing Session

Karma is inherited through our parents and ancestors through the process of birth and greatly holds us back from experiencing our true multidimensional self.

Many people struggle day to day with things such as lack and limitations concerning prosperity, abundance and love.

Most people walk around daily completely disconnected from their higher self.

It is through the various scripts and programs that we have actively running when we came into this world programmed to experience, learn from and evolve from, which prepares our bodies for the ascension process.

This is how we begin to align with our Soul’s Divine mission (our reason for being here at this time) but we begin coming out of alignment with our Divine plan due to the various contracts, imprints, programs, scripts and experiences that are not in alignment with our Divine plan.

It is for the reasons above why our negative reactions and emotions are not natural.

They are being triggered due to the various underlying energetic properties that are within our energetic system. When all of these various karmic imprints, energies, personas of the shadow self and more are removed from us, we can begin moving forward into our full multidimensional self.

This allows us to find the joy in life because we no longer react to other people’s nonsense. We simply are receiving clear guidance from our higher self. This allows us to live in a place of harmony and peace.

You will not have to worry about unexpected emotions and outbursts or reactions to the world around you, because a light we be restored within your DNA template divine seed blueprint to aid you in the process of clearing. The personas of the shadow self cause great difficulties in the realization and expression of your full Avatar and Christos Identity.

These personas are created by the anchoring of various energetic distortions and or reverse frequencies running through your Personal Grid and DNA Template. Clearing these karmic imprints and personas that no longer serve you in this session will result in experiencing much more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual freedom.

The 15D Karmic Clearing Session below involves clearing the karmic imprints and energies from your energy field and ALL 15 LEVELS OF AWARENESS and replaces them with positive reinforcement, healing energies and illuminated consciousness that is tailored to the unique energy and vibration of your soul at this time.

When these karmic Issues are cleared and transmuted, a person’s life can start to change quite drastically as you will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships and the feeling of having a new reality to live in and create from as the powerful master creator that you are, free from the karmic baggage that once weighed you down.

In this 45 minute session, I will connect directly to your higher self, from my Christos Avatar Self to your’s to facilitate the entire session to perform the following:

15D Karmic Clearing:

* Release All Karmic Attachments
* Clear Highest Priority Karmic Imprints And Energies
* Clear Demons
* Clear Thoughtforms
* Clear Soul Fragments
* Clear Personalities of Others (seen and unseen)
* Clear And Removal Of All Personas Of The Shadow Self Which Include:

Ultimate Innocent (deep seated repressed hurt or wounding)
Professional Victim, Victimizer (poor me)
Terrorist (feel continuously embattled or threatened)
Martyr (co-dependence, need to heal or fix self and others)
Perfectionist (self improvement junkies, forever dissatisfied)
Emotional Cannibal (incessant craving for love, acceptance, approval)
Compulsive Destroyer (addiction, compulsiveness, lack self esteem)
Obsessive Projectionist (feel empty, obsessive, unmotivated)
Sorcerer (belittling of self and others, self sabotage)
Tyrant (feel stagnant, fear, loneliness, self misery)
Satyr (big time pleasure seeker, lustful, addictions)
Liberator (lack motivation, judgmental, self righteousness)
Predator – Prey
Master – Slave
Rich Tyrant – Poor Serf
Royalty – Peasant
Famous (Important) – Insignificant
Greater Than – Lesser Than
Beautiful – Ugly

A complete activation of your 4 major Brain Centers. (Pineal, Pituitary, Medulla Oblongata, and the Hypothalamus Glands)

Activation of your DNA Template divine seed blueprints to the highest possible frequency that you can hold at this time!

An Energetic Download for you from your Higher Self that will allow you to EMBODY more of your Higher Self and hold those frequencies here in the physical!

The 15D Karmic Clearing Session is a 45 minute session where you must lay down with your eyes closed, wearing loose fitting clothing, nothing in pockets, around neck or on your fingers.

You may experience extremely intense vibrations, hot or cold sensations (or both), visions, altered states of consciousness or more to increase due to the energies you are receiving from the Golden Liquid Realms of Absolute Harmonic Universe. (AHU) 

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This one had me feeling a lot lighter, clearer, happier. I feel like myself again. There was some heavy sort of energy weighing me down and this shifted a lot. Very powerful. I don’t get a lot of clearing symptoms lucky that way but during the session I could feel tingling all over in the places Xanther was working and then I ended up falling asleep. Very powerful as clearing karmic things out raise your vibration which I have noticed a massive shift in. Thank you as always Xanther. You are a blessing to this world 🙏

April 17, 2023

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