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Avatar Activation December Blitz

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Avatar Activation December Blitz
12/15/23 – 12/26/23

The Avatar Activation December Blitz is a unique sale that gives you the ability to SAVE DRAMATICALLY on ALL services and packages available!

You have 11 days in total to participate in this sale!

This is one sale that you don’t want to miss and it is extremely TIME + QUANTITY-SENSITIVE.

That means quantities are very limited. So don’t waste time too much time on deciding what to buy!

If you know Avatar Activation well enough, you know that these types of deals are either rarely offered, or have NEVER been offered.

Avatar Activation services are highly advanced, next level services that you will not find anywhere else and many clients and students alike will attest to this.

This is literally the BEST possible chance for you to be able to SAVE BIG on the various services that are offered here, so when you see the Avatar Activation December Blitz, you will only have a number of hours to get this deal.

This is a 3-part sale and you will have 72 hours to purchase with the provided activated coupon code based on what time period is available to you.

If you purchase anything on this website and utilize the coupon code within the 72 hour window, you will receive either a 50%, 40% or 30% discount on all services and packages that you add to your cart depending on what part of the sale is currently active.

You can come back at any time within the 72 hour window and use the coupon code to purchase additional services too!

These services are absolutely life changing and will absolutely change many aspects of your life in various ways just as they have for many others below…

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The 25D Trapped Emotion Clearings are very intense & deep cleansing sessions! I lived very high level of trauma, tortures, rejections, pain, etc since childhood and these sessions are a life-saver.

I had unending pain, sadness, despair, hopelessness, breathlessness , heaviness, deep sighs as if I’m in an unending dark hole! It’s all gone now!

The 2nd session took away all my fear fear & fear of fear! & an uncontrolable anger, rage, unforgiveness, hatred, abusive spirit… all washed away!

The Intergration process was very very painful, as they all go out the way they came in!

Now, I’m feeling light as a feather! I’m not controlled by everyone’s drama. I don’t even care about anything! I still can’t believe this is the new me – still a long way to go with more sessions!

This mind-blowing experience cannot be expressed in mere words – all that I can say is Xanther has given me a new life, a total born again experience! Million thanks to the Real Saviour!

Sharmila Borkar April 15, 2024

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Starts: 12/15/23 – Ends: 12/18/23 @ 11:59PM EST

Coupon Code: BLITZ-1

BLITZ-1 - 47 of 50 Claimed

Starts: 12/19/23 – Ends: 12/22/23 @ 11:59PM EST

Coupon Code: BLITZ-2

BLITZ-2 - 15 of 50 Claimed

Starts: 12/23/23 – Ends: 12/26/23 @ 11:59PM EST

Coupon Code: BLITZ-3

BLITZ-3 - 9 of 50 Claimed

Only 150 sales for any service or package will be offered during this 72 hour sale, 3 part, 11 day blitz sale. 

You only have 72 hours to access this page before the sale is over, so do not hesitate on this!

After 72 hours for each part, the coupon code will expire, unless 50 sales have been met first in each part.

That means, this is a first come, first served type of sale and you do not want to hold off on this because it may never be offered like this again.

You will only have the allotted time remaining to receive either a 50%, 40% or 30% discount.

*** This discount is valid ONLY at the time of checkout. This means, if you make a purchase and forget to enter the coupon code at checkout, the remainder of your discounted payment will not be refunded back to you for careless mistakes. You will be given a credit in the form of a coupon code for the remainder balance based on the sale price of your entire cart purchase.

Example: If your total order is $500 in your cart and you enter the coupon code located at the bottom of this page, the cost will reduce to $150. However, if you forget to enter the coupon code during the checkout process, you will be given a credit in the form of a $150 coupon code to be used on all services that you can add to the cart.

*** No money will be refunded back to you due to a careless mistake of not entering the coupon code after receipt of this message. ***

ONLY 50 sales will be allowed to go through at a 30% discount. At any time, this sale could possibly end before the 72 hour period. If this happens, the coupon code will automatically expire. Payment plans are not offered on any type of flash sale. ***

Time Is Of The Essence In This 3rd Part Sale…


Coupon Code: BLITZ-2

BLITZ-3 - 9 of 50 Claimed