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Full Energetic Test

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Full Energetic Test

The Full Energetic Test is designed to give you insight on what is happening energetically and physically within your body. There is much information within this report that will aid you in spiritual ascension and personal life. The areas that are covered are:

1: Type Of Being: This tests determines whether you are an Earthling / Indigo Type 1, 2 or 3 / Crystal / Rainbow. This is an essential piece in learning whether you are either an Earthling (soul of non-extraterrestrial origins) or Starseed (soul of extraterrestrial origins)

2: Physical Frequency: This test determines the physical frequency in which your avatar body puts out it’s vibration. This determines what timeline you are currently on and will also determine if you are connected to your higher self or not.

3: Old Soul: This test determines whether you have an old soul or not.

4: Energetic Distortions: This test determines whether or not you have J-Seals / Seals / Implants / Auric / Karmic Distortions / Negative Energetic / Ancestral Cords / Reptilian Overlay. There are hundreds of different types of energetic distortions that we suffer from, most of which is inherited through the process of birth.

5: DNA Activation: This test determines number of Activated DNA Strands / DNA Template Limit / Qualified For Galactic DNA Activations Of 100 or 777 strands. With this test, you will learn what level of consciousness you are currently at.

6: Chakra & Kundalini System: This test determines if Chakras Present / Kundalini Connected / Closed Chakras / Entities In Chakras / Higher Self Recommends Chakra Unification. An essential test to know whether your energy system is upgraded or not. Most will not be but it is being noticed more and more that many younger generations already have their core star, mind and loin stars activated and their chakras merged.

7: Trapped Emotions: This test determines whether you have trapped emotions within the Heart or Small Intestine / Spleen or Stomach / Lung or Colon / Live and Gall Bladder / Kidneys or Bladder / Glands and Sexual Organs. This is a big one. Trapped emotions are one of the main causes for physical illnesses that are generally undiagnosed by conventional medicine.

8: Soul & Physical Body Connection: This test determines whether if you have Lost Or Missing Soul Fragments. Another very important test to know whether or not your soul is fragmented as this creates a disconnect with the soul and physical body, creating dis-ease and many other problems in one’s life.

9: Psychic Attacks: This test determines whether you are Currently Being Attacked With / Currently Being Attacked By / Can Open Negative Energetic Portals / Is / Negative Energetic Portals In Home / Amount. This test is very important for many due to the amount of negative energy that is being distributed to them and for the most part, becomes very debilitating.

10: Other Recommendations By Higher Self: This test determines whether your Higher Self says you need the Lightarian Ray Program / Lightarian Clearing Program. These two programs are very powerful in releasing all kinds of adverse energies, belief systems, modifications and much more on all levels of your Soul, Oversoul and Higher Self.

Basic Energetic Test

Basic Test Results consisting of Energetic Distortions, DNA Activation, Chakra & Kundalini System, Other Recommendations By Higher Self.

Cost: $33.00

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Standard Energetic Test

Standard Test Results consisting of Type Of Being, Old Soul, Energetic Distortions, DNA Activation, Chakra & Kundalini System, Other Recommendations By Higher Self

Cost: $77.00

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Full Energetic Test

Full Test Results consisting of all types of variables within the Full Energetic Test System. This will give you a full range of information on your energy system.

Cost: $122.00

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Graphically Detailed PDF Results

You will receive detailed information on each test. Depending on what version of the test you purchase, will determine the number of pages in the test results that you will receive.

Basic: 20 pages
Standard: 24 pages
Full: 30 pages