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Below are a list of results-based testimonials that are based on actual results from clients who have chosen to submit their testimonials into me for the services that have been rendered previously.

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Results-Based Testimonials
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Review of 25D Mirror Shield Session Fold 10:
I purchased level 1 almost more than a year back but didn’t notice much changes and so I purchased Fold 10. After about 10 days I started noticing the effects. I started to breath deeply and my awareness increased. I am able to spot how I am psychically affected by others’ conversation. I also noticed how I keep tracking of others just to pick up their emotions. I also noticed how I am mimicking their actions too. If I decide to let go of them am able to do that. I noticed increased awareness when eating food. I am able to enjoy the taste of the food in my mouth which eventually makes me to enjoy all the food even though if that was not my preferred.

I purchased the same for my mom too and she started noticing differences after 2 weeks. She is much more relaxed all the time and she is not going to victim mode often. Even if something bothers her she seems to bounce back much earlier than she used to. Previously it would take a few days but now she gets to being relaxed within an hour (sometimes even 15 minutes is enough). She also experienced pure presence of her current moment for a few minutes when she visited a temple. She said she didn’t have any need to ask something from god as she felt she had everything already.

Seetha September 20, 2022

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