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Below are a list of results-based testimonials that are based on actual results from clients who have chosen to submit their testimonials into me for the services that have been rendered previously.

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Results-Based Testimonials
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Xan’ther is A Powerful & Phenomenal Being on The Planet – I have been working on my Soul for some years with Him, & I have to say this has been one of the Most Powerful Frequency Booster I Have Felt- Session is very Intense & I released a thick mucus during my session- seen my higher self-& other images -colors lights -darkness-ringing sounds in my ear- a buzzing thru my head- body also feeling hot & cold- after session I experienced light head ache- back aches yet tolerable-❤️

Aftermath- next day I Am on a NATURAL HIGH ❣️ Flying so high I had to check with Xan’ther to make sure this was normal Lol 😂- Here is a couple of personal examples -❤️

❤️For months I have said I Am going to start going to the gym -No consistency -I’ve went twice- The next morning after my session My Higher Self had me up & out by 5a.m. with Blissfulness – My workout was great & I Am well on my way-consistently is no longer a issue ❤️

❤️I use to be manic depressed & had other emotional & mental dis-ease in my body- this caused me to go into a cycle of being a passive- too nice- ect… Which caused me to overthink how to reply in a nice way when someone inflicted negative energy or deception into my space & aura field- this caused plenty of energy draining &
non sleeping moments for me – Well Guess what??? My Higher Self & I are no longer having it lol 😂 Since clearing when people come to me with any bull💩- I state my mind, if it deserves a response- F-that I Matter & No longer sitting in the back ground & amazingly after I state my peace I Am able to send Love Vibes & a Laugh- I feel free & no longer in a box Look at that there-Amazing Grace❤️

If you want a Natural High do the work to get to this level – Invest in your Soul like you do for all things you have outside yourself / invest inside yourself – I Am a Witness- Your life will change in ways you never thought was possible-❤️ Sacrifice for your Soul – ❤️ So can Fly Fly Fly High out of this 3D way of feeling❤️

Xan’ther Thank You Again for your assistance in my ascension- for my soul evolving & healing from within ❤️ Infinite Blessings-Infinite Gratitude-Infinite Huggs – Infinite Love ❤️ #Source Consciousness ❤️ #Christ Consciousness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Looking forward to next step – and next testament-

JC September 28, 2023

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