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Below are a list of results-based testimonials that are based on actual results from clients who have chosen to submit their testimonials into me for the services that have been rendered previously.

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Results-Based Testimonials
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It’s a fantastic feeling being lighter!

I had a Matrix Unplugging session ten days ago.
It was a great experience.
In general, I was calm and relaxed. Probably, the two hours laid on the bed with closed eyes contributed to that feeling.
I felt some pain in different parts of my body – especially in my knees and ankles. There was also some shaking of the body, either.
There were a lot of tears. I cried a lot. I must admit I didn’t expect that the album of Thomas Bergersen has incorporated elements of the Bulgarian Traditional Folk Music. Hearing the Bulgarian Traditional Music made me very emotional.

After the session the feeling is that God and the Universe support you in every possible way!

Thank you, Xan’ther!

Rossen M. June 15, 2024

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