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Do you want to learn how to facilitate the various energy systems that we offer? You can choose the level in which you want to begin working with the energies. You will be able to start working with them immediately through the different types of systems that we currently have available for you. These healing systems are very powerful and are of a very high vibratory frequency, so you may experience clearing symptoms and other energetic and physical shifts.

***UPDATE: 3/18/22*** the passwords for the Avatar 15D & 25D Facilitator Systems have been changed. There have been multiple dark beings trying to gain access to these systems to reverse engineer them and attempt to use them for dark purposes. All of the 15D Facilitator Systems are going to be implementing a new system called the Avatar Mentorship Facilitator.

This is going to give you monthly access to facilitate specific services through my Quantum Shortcut System but you won’t have access to the actual coding of the systems themselves. This is to ensure that the integrity of the services remain in tact.

You will instantly be able to perform your healings on your clients. This is a highly advanced level of healing. The 25D Facilitator Systems are only available to those I trust. If you are in direct connection with me, please contact me for the password for the above areas.

Avatar 15D Facilitator Systems: These energy systems are at the 15th dimensional frequency level. Students who facilitate these energies will see amazing shifts and powerful transformations within themselves and their own clients as they go through the various services the Student as the Facilitator has to offer them. While these are a 15D frequency level of awareness, they are still ascension-based energy systems and will be a great fit in one’s own spiritual business.

Avatar 25D Facilitator Systems: These energy systems are at the 25th dimensional frequency level. They are by far the most powerful force of energy systems on planet today and have the ability to create dramatic shifts, powerful changes and transformations in both the Student and the client. When working with this level of energy, one will require to go through certain prerequisites in order for their body to be energetically and vibrationally prepared to work with these energy systems.

Energy Systems Above 25D Level: Do not be fooled by others who state that they can transmit higher than this level of energy.

Do others exist that can transmit at the 25D+ level that I have not personally trained?

Yes, but they are very few and far between.

Most of these people that say they can transmit at this level of energy are more than likely telling you lies about what they are capable of providing to their clients.

When a Facilitator claims they can facilitate a level of energy that they themselves have never personally reached, they have been infiltrated by the False Light.

Do they know this is happening?

Some do, some do not.

But, they personally need to deal with their own level of demons because they are not benefitting by doing this to their clients.

In the end, Source knows the truth and these actions and lies will eventually catch up with them.

The reality is, the client that is receiving the energies from these charlatans believes they are experiencing the level of energy that the Facilitator says they can transmit because they are a higher frequency than the client themselves.

Therefore, they may feel much stronger levels of energy because they themselves are much lower than them.

However, they actually can not transmit levels of energy where they state they can reach levels of 60D, 70D, 100D, 120D, 260D and beyond.

Anyone who tells you this unless they themselves have attained this level of energy, are lying to you completely.

Just because they add a dimensional frequency that is this high to the beginning of their service, doesn’t mean that the level of energy that they are transmitting even comes close to this.

I can transmit at a much higher level than 25D because I personally am much higher in physical frequency, but honestly it is absolutely unnecessary in most cases to go any higher than 25D… Unless of course one’s frequency begins to expand past this level. (I currently have this happening with some of my clients and students)

When that time comes, I will be offering higher frequency versions of these sessions to handle and cover one’s frequency but it is based on each client individually, not as a whole or collective and they will not be offered directly on site. It will be in a protected area based on what their own frequency is or has reached.

However, that being said, most clients may never reach this level of frequency and for the most part, energies of this high is more than sufficient.

You must be very careful working with any person who states they can transmit these so-called levels of energy or higher, or that they can guarantee anchoring you into a specific frequency that is much higher. They are lying to you, especially when they themselves have not attained anywhere near these levels.

All systems come with a certificate of lineage, instructions for getting started, a meditative script to follow for your sessions, and promotional material that you are able to give to your clients.